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It’s time for you to get chucked into the world of PURE awesomeness… That’s right I’m here to give you some of the most kick-butt games just like HALO (even better).

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Destiny had to be mentioned first on this list as it shares a lot similarities with Halo, from the core game mechanics to GRAPHIC design and the progression in the story.

Personally, I think Destiny does a far better job at keeping the game addictive and the multiplayer and community seriously helps.

With Destiny two on the horizon and releasing on all major consoles and drumroll please… PC!!!!!


Now we can all enjoy this legendary game and get sucked into the pure awesomeness it offers.

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Horizon Zero Dawn

Another absolute KILLER that you need to play is Dawn Zero Horizon.

Now, Halo and DZH don’t have ton’s in common on the outside, but once you get into the game and start playing you’ll see the similarities and if you’re like me then the same addiction that caught you in Halo will re-catch you in this.

Horizon Zero Dawn not only looks incredible, it plays fantastically, from gameplay mechanics to the enemies and AI, this game is really something out of this world and is sure to go down as a CLASSIC for some.

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Mass Effect

This list wouldn’t feel complete without Mass Effect (games similar to Mass Effect), you see this game has deep RPG elements, customization and one hell of a kick-ass story.

I feel like Mass Effects takes a certain kind of person, but if you’re someone who likes RPG sci-fi shooters then Mass Effects should be your next game of choice.

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Do you like destroying things in PUMPED up ROBO suits?

If your answer is “Hell Yes!” then you NEED to grab yourself a copy of Titanfall and start the epic ROBO battle in this awesome FPS Sci-Fi shooter.

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Crysis is on this list for a few reasons, one the way the Exo suit feels takes me back to halo and the enemies you’re fighting feel similar.

Mix that with the way the games play and the level design and Crysis gives you a realistic version of Halo.

Now the games have their differences, but once you set that aside you’re left with another awesome game franchise to enjoy.

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Planetside 2

This could be one of the best games on this list.

One, because it’s completely FREE.

Two, it’s a pure blast to play.

From the all out war, to the AMAZING FPS action and the fact that it’s Massive Multiplayer.

The way this game feels and plays takes me back to Halo 3 and the addictive multiplayer will have you hooked just like Halo did.

I can’t believe this game is FREE, if you haven’t already, go download this BAD boy!


At one point in time Halo was the BIGGEST multiplayer game around, with hundreds of people spending hours enjoy the awesome online gameplay.

In my opinion, Halo was the first game to do console online well and that’s one of their big reasons for such awesome success.

Since Halo, there have been a few games that have come around and done the same, from Call of Duty to Battlefield, rocket league, and Fifa, but there’s one more…

OVERWATCH (more games similar to overwatch), this game has truly taken the world by storm and that’s down to the fact it’s pure awesome.

From character selection to the map design and even the graphics this game really does tick all the most important boxes.

If you’re looking for a game that’ll re-live the Halo online days Overwatch will be the game for you.

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First off don’t let the age of TimeShift put you off. This time manipulation, Sci-fi shooter is BADA**.

The graphics look amazing (for a game made in 007) and it’s just a lot of fun to play.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a blast from the past and this game will give you just that.


Borderlands (games like Borderlands) is one of my favorite games of all time.

It mixes the best elements of games all in one, I’m taking an awesome RPG system, FPS shooting, a beautiful map, out of this world cartoon-style graphics and awesome playthrough possibilities.

If you’ve not checked borderlands out before then I highly recommend getting it and giving it a play through with a few of your friends.

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You’re mankind’s last hope and you’ll be traveling across a devastated America packed with pumped-up weapons and an eye to kill anything that gets in your way, including them crazy looking alien things.

Resistance is probably the most similar to Halo, behind Destiny.

It’s deep and dark and has a different graphics style, but other than that the games share a lot of cores.

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Killzone is another game that shares a lot of similarities with Halo, from the world you’re in, to the shooting and even the story.

This Sci-Fi shooter really does connect you and give you a new kind of gaming experience.

As someone who’s not a MASSIVE fan of single player games, I can actually say the campaign was awesome and if anything I just wish it was longer.

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Dead Space

If you want something DEEP, dark and somewhat scary for your next playthrough then it’s a great idea to get Dead Space.

This Sci-Fi, Thriller will have you gripping at your seat, jumping and even screaming.

It’s slow, dark, but insanely addictive.

It reminds me of resident evil 4, there are parts where you’re scared, parts of pure enjoyment and parts you wish you could skip.

No Mans Sky

This game is like a Halo world exporter, it feels like Destiny and halo had a baby.

However even though this game looks stunning and is fun to play, it has some glitches and a lack in playthrough that can put people off.

I think that’s mainly because of the BIG price tag this game comes with, but if you use our price finder you’ll get around that and get to experience this game for what it is.

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This video was about the best RPG games I’ve ever played, seriously you need to try it out.

BAMB the list is now over and I hope you enjoyed it. I really enjoyed making it and would love to know if there are any games I missed that you think should be entered.

On a side note, if there’s a game you’d like me to do next just let me know. Have an amazing day and see you on the next one!