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Best Price For Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is an FPS game with amazing comic-like graphics for you to enjoy. You play as 1 of 4 hunters fighting against masterminda, creatures and voyage on arelentless quest for revenge across an undiscovered planet.

There’s humour, co-op, looting, action and even single player for you to love if you’re not in to playing with new and old friends.

There’s also new characters, new classes, new weapons and so much more for you to dive in to. If you enjoyed the first borderlands you are going to fall in love with number 2.

Borderlands 2 is quick paced, easy to drop in and out of if you are playing multiplayer and so much fun to play. I can’t recommend it enough if you’re in to FPS, action, shooter, looting and futuristic games. Also, if you’re in to fallout 4 you will enjoy borderlands but I will mention that more below.

Make sure to check out the trailer because i sure as hell haven’t done this epic game enough justice.

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Overview of Borderlands

The story telling in borderlands 2 is amazing, it really grips you and there is also a lot of comedy which is a nice twist, we are so used to damp and dreary, often scary stories that it can be nice to have something a little uplifting.

Explore every inch of the world, loot anything you find, complete awesome side missions and quests and then dive back in to the story or get online and play with anyone you wish.

Play however you want in this game, the RPG style makes it addictive and fun, it really is one of the best FPS/RPG games I have ever come across and it’s not often I give a game that much hype.

Borderlands Tips And Tricks

As with any awesome game, there is stuff you must learn. The community I have found is great but if you’re a giant noob there’s also going to be a part of your mind that wished you knew how to do things.

This video gives you some amazing tips and tricks on how to be a great player and the video is for anyone. People that are medium players and complete noobs can enjoy these tips and become even better at the game.

Fun You Can Have In Borderlands

One of the funnest things about borderlands is that you can play the game however you want be whoever you want, that’s the funnest thing about RPG in borderlands it allows you to enjoy a game without tying you to any specific character.

If you want amazing loot you do have to grind for it, which is something a lot of gamers like, it’s not just easy to have everything.

Check out this video on how to have the must fun weapon in the game. It’s quite hard to grind and get the gun but once you get it, this video shows you how great it is and why you need it.


Games Like Borderlands

I want you to check out this list : 14 Games Like Fallout 4  I personally feel like fallout 4 has a lot of similarites to borderlands 2, in fact it’s so similar. I feel like borderlands 2 is better but you can read why and all about that in that article.

The other 14 games aren’t too similar but they do have some aspects or features that are comparable so be sure to check them out if you do want something like borderlands or fallout 4.

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