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Compare Prices Of Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is one of the ultimate first person shooter games on console. There’s seven new gameplay mechanics that I will leave you to explore because they are so awesome.

You can also play single player or multiplayer mode, which is a great advancement from the first titanfall.

Kill your enemies as a pilot using insane abilities like these abilities include invisibility cloaking, parkour, double-jumping, zip lining and wall-running. All of these skills mixed together make an amazing experience and once you gather enough points your Titan falls from the sky who is a lot slower than you but a lot stronger and whose weapons are a lot more powerful.

The multiplayer mode in Titanfall 2 has been likened to COD except with a lot more of a sci-fi aspect, so if you’re in to COD you will most likely like the multiplayer moder.

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Overview of Titanfall 2

The graphics are amazing as is the campaign mode, the story is not that gripping but it is still intense and the characterization is well thought out. However, the missions, gameplay and graphics are crazy good and something every one who has played titanfall 2 should agree on.

All of it combined just makes for one epic FPS game that really keeps you on edge whilst you build up your skill and get better and better at the game.

There’s loads of different online modes to play which will be sure to keep you entertained if you do stray from the exciting campaign mode.

The multiplayer hasn’t changed that much from the first titanfall but that single player really has, the whole feel of it, the way the fast paced story mode pans out and a lot of titanfall 2 players have so much positive feedback on the new single player mode.


Things To Know In Titanfall 2

If you have never played titanfall before I do recommend you checking out this video and learning a few new tips and tricks that will advance in the game and get to grips with it a lot faster.

Even if you’re an old player but have never played number 2 before it really is worth the watch as the new updates and campaign mode do require a small learning curve and having a little starting push will really help you out when you first begin.

The video I left has 10 new things for you to learn that all intrigued me and I hope they help you out too.

Fun You Can Have In Titanfall 2

Killing enemies, being in space, following the story mode, playing multiplayer, summoning your titan, doing epic parkour tricks and upgrading your weapons is just the start.

Having fun in titanfall 1 or 2 is easy you won’t be looking for inspiration or imagination any time soon. However, this video is really fun, I am not going to say anymore but it is well worth the watch.

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