Gaming Accessories

Gaming Accessories

gaming headset and mic

The Best Gaming Microphones (Budget Friendly)

Playing online is cool, but the main aspect of that is, of course, being able to talk to the people you are playing with. That is where...
triple monitor stand

The Greatest Gaming Room Setup (Gamers Need To See This)

I am lucky in that when my wife and I bought this place it had an extra room that we did not need and it was agreed...
bose speakers next to laptop

The Best Gaming Speakers I’ve Ever Used

What is an important part of any video game? Being able to hear it! No matter if you need to hear some important dialogue or you are...
keyboard rest and mouse rest

The Best Keyboard Wrist Rest (Office Job Must Have)

A keyboard wrist rest! That is right today I am sharing with you what I feel is the best keyboard wrist rest is. A keyboard wrist rest...
mouse pad

The Best Mouse Pad (All Gamers & PC Workers Need One)

You may think that a mouse pad has not been something people have needed since 2004! Well while many mice these days work just fine on your...

games similar to fallout 4

14 Amazing Games Just Like Fallout 4

Fallout is one of the most unique games I've ever played and this made it extremely hard to fill the space it left one...