Games Similar To The Sims (But Better)

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Hi everyone!

The sims is a game like no other. The sims has been around for so long and it still interests people. Of course, we all know it’s one of those games that when you play, you play hard for 72 hours straight and then you don’t touch it again for another few weeks.

But…What if there were games like the sims that could interest you when on a sims binge break? Well, there is! Below we have listed our favorite games that are just like the sims! woohoo!

These are all simulation games which is technically what the sims is.

Sim City

I know i said NO sims but technically this isn’t really the sims. You build, manage and create your own city. It’s really easy to pick up and so much fun to play.

You can build your city however you like with factories, schools and even fun things like parks and restaurants. You’re fully in charge and have a bird’s eye view of your city. You don’t control any one character which differentiates it from the actual sims. Everyone calls you mayor and you have to fix mayor like problems whilst trying to build the greatest city in the world…


This game can be quite difficult to get the hang of but once you do you will be hooked. You are in charge of a group of ‘astronauts’ and you must create a base on this planet you landed on.

You have to manage your people to help them find supplies, have oxygen, grow food, build up a colony and get through the worst of what a remote planet can throw at you. It’s challenging but great fun and definitely one of the better simulation games out there. There are 4 different planets to land on in the game and each has different conditions, difficulty and obstacles to overcome.

Farming Simulator 

One of the reasons I chose to include this simulation game like the sims into my list is because of the graphics. Simulation games often have very poor graphics and I just love how farm simulator have said no to that and made it into a proper game with proper graphics.

You sell and look after animals, upkeep your farm, grow crops, buy machinery and trade your produce with other farmers. It’s a relaxed, addicting, rewarding and fun game. If you like the sims you will like any one of these.

Lego Worlds

Seriously give this one a chance! Before we created this site I too would have scrolled past but lego worlds is amazing. It’s quite like the sims because you can explore, have characters and build except…it’s all made of glorious lego.

You can populate your world, explore every crevice and create the landscapes around, among many other things!

It’s still in beta mode so there will be updates and things still being released so this game can only get better and better.

Cities: Skylines

The graphics in this game are slightly better than sim city although I don’t really feel like this is a huge seller of the game. What I mean by this is that it wouldn’t sway me a sim city lover, just because of the graphics, however…

…The selling point is being able to create one amazing city, full of everything you love. Your imagination really is the only thing holding you back in this game. Do what you want, treat people how you want and live life in your city how you want.

If you enjoy this you should check out this list of click management games.

YouTubers Life

Youtubers life is a simulation game where you become the best YouTuber there ever was. You get to film, upload and edit videos all whilst becoming very rich and famous.

Socialize, complete daily tasks and increase your fan base day by day, Overall it’s a fun, addicting game that will leave you wishing you were an actual famous YouTuber.

Not amazing but you can get a few bucks off this.

Got any games you think are similar to Sims? Leave them below and let’s make this an article to remember. 🙂