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Best Place To Buy No Mans Sky

No mans sky is an open world, exploration, sci-fi, survival, space game where you can travel to any planet and to anywhere in the universe and discover something new.

There’s always danger and action to worry and think about but you’re also met with a huge galaxy to roam. This game wanted to present to us the universe in its best form and allow us to explore it in the most realistic way possible without ever having to leave our homes.

Fly from planet to planet and learn about giant creatures, small creatures and other life forms that you have never ever heard of and may never ever hear of again.

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Overview of No Man’s Sky

Every choice you make is up to you, if you don’t upgrade your ship, your suit or your weapons you will find yourself in serious danger where death is imminent.

Surviving is all down to the choices you make and how you decide to play the game and explore the universe.

You can trade, dictate, exploit and do absolutely anything you choose. Obviously, if you choose to exploit or take out people for their riches, you will get to your final destination faster and you will have a better suit, ship and weapondry faster but is it worth it? it’s all up to you!

Explore the vast lands and galaxies and find creatures and mysterious beings that you most likely will never see again, dive in to caves and search the hidden crevices and watch how your actions dictate your consequences. If you like exploration if you will like no man’s sky.

Things You Need To Know

This game got a ton of a hate when it first came out. I am not entirely sure why but it had something to do with the hype that people built around it and it not living up to their expectations. Luckily, the company has listened to its gamers and they are fixing the issues that have been outlined by the people that bought the game so, just know for now the game is only getting better each update.

I have left this video for you to check it out, it’s a video all about the things you should avoid doing in no man’s sky, it gives some great tips and is worth the watch if you are considering buying the game.

Games Like No Man’s Sky

Any game that has elements of survival, exploration and discovery can be put on the same list as no mans sky, therefore I made a list on: The Greatest Survival Games unfortunately none are set in the sky and none have the same space exploration elements but the survival feature and the open world exploration is obvious in the majority of them.

Cheapest Place To Buy No Man’s Sky:

This game can cost up to 60 dollars when it’s not on deal and that is ridiculous, nobody should be paying full price. You can find it on deal now and again but i have find it for a great price below and you can find it on your preferred console by just clicking either of those links.