About Us

I’m not going to lie the reason why this site is created was due to the fact that other similar game finders are head bangingly bad.

Look I don’t want to start this about off on a bad note, like a windger… But I feel I have to speak the true.

I mean all I wanted was a few games like Call of Duty zombies and what do I get recommended? Games like Minecraft.

I guess this is what happens when you use a bot to pick the game.


My names Oli and I’m a 21 year-old (update: Now 23, how time goes) who games almost every day… I work hard and have a few game blogs that allow me to own a lot of the latest games (at least the ones that appeal to me).

So I decided to put a little knowledge and wasted games that I don’t play anymore and use it all to put together awesome lists of games that are actually similar, if not better than the one you previously played.

And when I don’t own the games and haven’t played them myself I promise to leave behind enough information and do enough research so you can make a great decision for yourself.

For You PC Users

I buy 98% of my games off steam and have done for years, I mean I do dable with Xbox One here and there but right now my heart lies with PC gaming.

Updated: I’ve moved to PS4, but still hit up PC every weekend.

And recently I found one of the best sites EVER for steam code deals… Is it legit? YES! Is it legal? I have no idea.

Either way after using them and saving half the price on Killing Floor 2 and seeing they have hundreds of AAA titles for half the price I decided to also use them to promote the cheapest prices online.

So not only am I doing similar games I’m also going to use sites like the one mentioned above to find the best prices online.

Pretty damn awesome if I do say so myself.

So if you need any help or want any advice on gaming feel free to send me in a message. I hope you have an amazing day.