Battlefield has to be one of the most subversive army games I’ve ever played.

I’m talking playing this with a good headset (with surround sound technology), in a dark room and you instantly have one of the most explosively awesome army simulators around.

With bullets flying over your head and with the sounds of jets, helicopters and tanks moving in on your location it’s easy to see how this eye gripping game is on everyone’s mind.

But even with the release of Battlefield 1 (my opinion the best battlefield game) I’m still craving more…

…So I’ve taken this week to work out where us Battlefield fans need to go for are deep, dark fix of explosive goodness and this is what I’ve come up with.

call of duty pc

Call of Duty

I know I can hear the screams now, with the people saying “Call of Duty SUCKS!”… But in my opinion, the two games, when played with the right friends both share a lot in common and both allow tons of intense fun.

What’s the biggest difference? Call of Duty is much quicker paced, more unrealistic and less diverse than Battlefield…

…When you buy a new battlefield game you know you’re going to get a completely different experience, you have to learn a whole new way of playing, whereas call of duty sometimes makes you feel like you’ve been playing the same game for 7 years.

But and there is a but… There’s something powerful to playing gun game, deathmatch and zombies with friends and there’s something even more powerful with the leveling up, the fast paced way of it and the speed of improvement that Call of Duty brings.

counter strike

Counter-Strike GO

This is what would happen if you mixed Battlefield with Call of Duty… You’d get a strategy-packed game that’s quick paced but has a learning curve.

What is CS GO (Counter Strick alternatives games)?

Well, it’s the latest Counter-Strike and it currently has one of the biggest FPS communities around… Now be warned if you pick up this game now you will have a learning curve of around 2 hours, the guns have crazy recoil and there’s a lot of skill with how to kill people quick…

…Also I warn you that this game has a similar community to Call of Duty… Kids, getting very angry…

Anyway, once you get past that you’re left with a semi-tactical shooter and a few amazing game moods (we all love saving hostages).

We also mentioned this game in our list of the most unreal zombie games ever made.


Nothing can prepare you for what will happen the first time you enter Squad…

…Let’s just say this is the closest I’ve come to a game that’s just like Battlefield yet totally different. With the massive multiplayer lobbies, the realistic feel and the immersive aspect of the game you just can’t go wrong.

With a good headset, you’ll feel like you’re actually getting shot and something I’ve found is that the community is still pretty stable and good to play with!



Another game that shares some many similarities to Battlefield… With the similar game modes, gameplay and maps it takes me back every time I play it.

Insurgency is more like an older Battlefield, that got mixed with counter strike.

And that makes it worth a play, especially as it only costs a few bucks and is still extremely active.

I haven’t got much to say about this other than it’s worth the price tag and will bring you a great time.


Star Wars Battlefront

It HAPPENED, they did it, they finally made an incredible Star Wars game that if you’ve not already played you NEED to play!

With lightsabers, guns, snipers, open maps and crazy vehicles that left my mouth wide open :O.

This game really does have it all. I’m talking you’ve got first and third person perspective, you’ve got amazing gameplay and the graphics are eye-opening.

This is the game that you can and will pure a few hundred hours into without a problem and with the right set of friends you’re in for an experience that not many games offer.


Red Orchestra 2

I like to have a mix of AAA, fun and indie titles on this list and that’s why I’ve chucked Red Orchestra 2 in.

This isn’t a AAA title, but oh boy does it feel like one.

It’s got pretty good graphics but it really shines with its game modes, gameplay and the complexity of staying alive, yes that’s right this game also has a learning curve.

The community is aged and on the voice chat you’ll not find many kids calling you out.

It takes time to survive, time to learn, but like a fine wine, it just keeps getting better with age.

Heroes And Generals

It’s had mixed reviews and from what I’ve seen you either love it or hate it…

…But in my opinion Heroes and Generals is the BEST battlefield style FREE to play game around.

The good news about the game is that it’s not pay to win like most free to play games (not even close) and the starter weapon is the best in the game.

The maps are amazing and the variety of what you can do and achieve is amazing.

The cons are that without a few friends to play with you’ll see the same thing repeat itself, you’ll come alive, run lots and die, this is due to the lack of team work…

…But add a few friends, create a little strategy and watch as the pure addiction of this game shines and see as you destroy the other team.

So, this game is good, addictive and fun when you have a team, but without one you share the same addiction but it’s more aimed at frustration and just wanting to kill the person who killed you.

If you want some other free games then check that list.



Again Warface is completely Free and isn’t a pay to win game (Wooo).

Now compared to heroes and Generals the gameplay, playability and learning curve are far superior.

This game is what would happen if you mixed Crysis, with call of duty and battlefield and that’s something we’ve all wanted to see.

I will warn you that there is some skilled players inside the community which can make it a little frustrating, but for a free game you just can’t go wrong.

The pure ‘epicness’ of this game is almost unmatched and that’s why it’s one of my favorite battlefield like games on this list.

medal of honor

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor isn’t on this list for its multiplayer aspect as I think it’s a little empty these days… Instead, Medal of Honor is here for the awesome campaign that I thoroughly enjoyed playing through.

Is it a must-have? Probably not, but for the great price you can pick it up at it’s sure worth getting just for a solid single player.

If you’re going to grab this game be sure to get it for a few bucks there.

Americas Army

This game offers a very realistic gaming army experience.

It’s again a FREE to play game that doesn’t match Warface (it’s the best), but can be fun at times.

Now Amerca’s army is a game that has a solid 8 hours of enjoyment, but after that it wears a little thin, but 8 hours is plenty and if you’ve played the rest of the games on this list or just want something a little harder it can be a great place to start.

Dirty Bombs

Want pure craziness? Don’t have any cash? My friend have just the game for you.

There’s many different ways to play this game and if you’re a fan of team fortress and call of duty you’ll not be able to resist.

There’s big guns, small guns and real fast paced gameplay.

And now this game recently got updated so it’s cheat free, has leveled out weapons and is no longer pay to win, all big boxes that have been ticked and allow the game to shine the way it should.

The only shame is that there should be 10x the people playing this game!



A really interesting game that is different to most of the games on the list.

It’s very customizable from team mates to robots and again is completely free (with some pay to win abilities in place).

The game is good, but that’s only if you find a good lobby. You see sometimes this game is full of people other times it’s a little empty.

When it’s full it gives you a real good army feel that’s both exciting and different, but on off-peak days it’s a little frustrating.

tom clancy rainbow six siege

Tom Clancy’s Six Siege

A totally different experience that FPS fans love.

Tom Clancy has a way of creating games that just feel better, I remember playing this for hours on end with my friends and it was one of the most eye gripping gaming experiences I’ve had.

Now this game is different to most tom clancy games, it has lots more stuff, game modes, ways to play and destructible environments (big game changer) and it’s also enjoyed by an awesome community.

Now this game does have elements that remind me of the older battlefields but this is really for people who want the feel of FPS games with a completely new twist to get submerged into.


If you’re looking for a world war 1 simulator Verdun has you covered.

This team-based game set in the first world war is extremely intense. With the old school weapons, the strategy based gameplay and the trench warfare this game really reminds me of the latest battlefield.

Now this game does make battlefield 1 feel light, I’m talking this is a true simulator where you feel like death is around the corner and you’re ready to kill at any second.

Mix this with a few buddies, a cup of coffee or a pint of beer and you have yourself an incredible game.

The price tag is high but you can get it at a 50% discount on Steam using this link.