My teens were full of Midnight Club 3, GTA and Saints Row, these three games alone gave me an intense open world game addiction and ever since I’ve always been deeply in love with open world games.

So the past week I’ve been looking at all my favorites and exploring new open worlds to put together this is a list of what I think are the greatest open world games EVER! Mwhahaha.

Let’s get this started (here’s a video, but down below there’s even more):


Rust (other games like rust) is the perfect mix between creation, exploration and killing.

There are not many games that you can join, loot weapons, build a fake base, then wait for looters to come and try to loot your fake base only to kill every last one and then rob all their stuff and go on the run.

Now if that doesn’t get your gaming buds tingling I’m not sure what will.

open world games

Just Cause

Just Cause 2 used to be one of my favorite games and even though number three has some glitches to answer for I can still tell you that it’s really AWESOME.

I mean not many open world games allow you to jump out of a plan in a little car only to jump back out the car, race after the falling plane, to get back in just before it crashes and continue the flight safely.

For creativity and fun this is an AMAZING add to the collection, just don’t get it for the story.

far cry

Saints Row

Saints Row is a crazier version of GTA San Andreas, it has the same kind of arcadey feel and in the right hands with the right friends can be an extremely addictive experience.

The open world is awesome, the story is out this world and the customization is what I always wanted from a game.

Now, I must add that I’m not a massive fan of arcade driving, it’s actually something I dislike about saints row, but putting that behind me so I can enjoy the awesomeness isn’t hard.

If you like Saints Row you can see games that are just like saints here.

gta 5 pc

Grand Theft Auto

GTA is my main man and has been for years.

This is THE GAME that really got me into gaming, well GTA and Mario cart/Duke Nukem and for that, I had to give it a mention.

If you don’t know what GTA is, it’s an open world game with cars, planes, multiplayer, amazing missions and graphics that make everyone go :O OMG!

This is my all time favorite game series and for that alone, I’d recommend anyone pick it up.

Here are a few games that are like grand theft auto.

cheapest place to get mafia


I’ve never played Mafia 3, but Mafia 2 was my jam back in the day and I’ll always remember it for having an amazing old school environment from back in the 60’s, with cool mechanics like speeding.

Now the things I loved about Mafia were the shootouts, the difficulty (feels like it’s a challenge), the storyline (Who don’t like to feel like an old-school Italian gangsta?) and the map.

I will be making the investment in Mafia 3 soon, but I can honestly recommend you grab mafia 2 now and wait for the glitches in Mafia 3to be ironed out!

The Forest

Want to put a little fear into your own world game? The forest (alternatives to the forest) is going to be for you.

Basically, you’re in a plane crash, land on an island filled with cannibals man-eaters, kid gets stolen, you now have to cut trees, get rocks, to build a base all while hunting food, killing attackers and trying to look for your son and other passengers from the plane.

All in all, this is one of THE GREATEST games out right now and is really worth a game, especially with a friend.

dying light

Dying Light

Dying light has to be the coolest zombie game I’ve played since Left 4 Dead.

Everything from the story, to the map and even the leveling up system, make it a winner.

It’s basically a mix between mirrors edge, dead island and days gone that new zombie game that’s coming out and looks amazing.

You have levels that you can increase by playing and these levels make killing zombies and people much easier.

The co-op is one of the main reasons people get this game, but alone or not it’s definitely worth your time.

Want more zombie shooting awesomeness? Try out these games like dying light.

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Mad Max

The latest Mad Max movie played beautifully on the eyes and so does the game, with a giant map with vast amounts of space (something I love) and awesome driving and fighting mechanics you really can just let yourself go into the crazy world that is Mad Max.

As open world games go this one gives you something different, from the graphics to the map and even the story, it’s all a step in the right direction.

Now, I’d recommend this game if you’re like myself and like driving and fighting… If that sounds like you then check it out.

far cry

Far Cry

Most of us have played Far Cry and those who haven’t have been missing out.

Far Cry is the only game that you can be killed by tigers, sharks, people, climate, yourself and an array of weird animals.

A few times in Far Cry I’ve found myself trying to survive against the world and not just the enemy I’m meant to be taking out, this is something that I really love, and once it’s mixed with a beautiful open world, an amazing story and some of my favorite gaming mechanics, it’s hard not to fall for this game.

It doesn’t even matter what Far Cry you get, I’ve played 2, 3 and the side games along with a quick go and 4 and all have been A star!

fallout 4


Fallout has never really caught me as it did others, I could always see the appeal but after getting fallout 3 in Spanish (by accident), I ended up playing the game walking 2 miles per hour due to not knowing that I was over carrying items, this on it’s on made me no enjoy it.

But since then I’ve seen the English version and played Fallout multiple times, it’s still not my type of game, but for people who want an open world RPG style FPS you just can’t miss it  (You can check out more games like the Fallout 4 here).

free roam game


It’s old but it had to be on the list as one of the all-time classics.

Skyrim (games similar to Skyrim) had everything many people had been searching for in a game for a long time, it was open world, deep in story content, had thousands of things to do and has a deep, dark game of thrones style feel to it.

When you mix that combo with all consoles you can see why things got out of control, now most of you have already played it, but for those who haven’t you should give it a go for sure.



Most of us are sick of this game… But even though that may be the case Minecraft was one of the greatest games of our generation and I think everyone who played it had more than a few amazing gameplay experiences.

This game has and will always be one of my all-time favorite video games and even now after I cool down a little from playing it there’s still a big part of me that wants to go back and do it again.

So, if you haven’t already definitely grab a copy of Minecraft and if you like Minecraft, but need something new try one of these games like Minecraft.

red dead redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Ow man Red Dead Redemption is PURE awesome.

If you haven’t heard already Red Dead has a new version coming out in 2017 and this is something that’s got me really excited, I mean never before have I played a cowboy game that immersed me so much.

The open world environment was stunning, the animals were amazing to hunt and the story was out of this WORLD.

Plus: The hours I spent with my friends playing multiplayer and trying to protect a castle we’d claimed as our own.

This really is what great open world games are made of and this is why I can’t wait to get the new one.

Here are a few other wild west games you need to try.

assassins creed revelations case

Assassin’s Creed

Like being an assassin? You’ll love assassin’s creed.

This game takes you back-in-time to an old-school world where you’ll be taking out your target using swords, knives and weird stabby contraptions, and be in a world were jumping off a 10 story building is fine as long as you land in hay.

You’re telling me that doesn’t sound fun?

Now I thin assassins creed (more games similar to assassin’s creed) has a base of people who love it and you’ve got to enjoy games that take you back in time, you’ve also got to enjoy an assassin’s story and be prepared to go back to the first few games to truly understand what’s going on…

…If you can do that then you should get this game!!!

l.a noire cover

L.A Noire

I was looking for a game last week, something with a great story when I got taken back-in-time with L.A Noire a game I got addicted to a few years back when I was in my teens.

This murder mystery style game is going to blow minds for those who have a taste for exploring crimes.

In a world where you’re a detective who has to explore murders and crimes, you have to question people, decide if they’re lying and chase them if they make a runner.

This game is one of a kind and for that, I had to bring it back and put it on this list!

watch dogs pc

Watch Dogs

I’ve not played Watch Dogs yet but something about it has attracted me. I love the idea of being a hacker in the open world and the game mechanics seem different and let’s face it I love trying something that has a new feel.

Now I can’t tell you too much about this game other than there’s cars, bikes, open world and what seems to be a pretty decent story, but I’m sure if you look into it and you’ll be able to tell if it’s for you.

game like rust

Don’t Starve

This is my favorite top-down game of all time.

Before don’t starve I never thought I’d ever enjoy a top-down game and all this game did was a mix in some of the most fun survival, crafting and exploring components and did something I’ve not seen since Minecraft.

When I heard that they released a co-op version I got even more pumped up about this game.

So, if you enjoy survival, like open world and want something completely different, Don’t Starve is your game of choice.

If you like Don’t Starve you should check out this games like don’t starve.

free roam game

The Witcher 3

Like RPG? Like Skyrim? Then you’ll love the Witcher 3.

This is to me an updated Skyrim and for many others, it’s the greatest game of all time.

I’m going to level with you and tell you I’m yet to play it, but from what I’ve heard people say this is a go-to game for people who love swords and Skyrim? Sound like you? Get this game!!