I’ve had No Man’s Sky since the start when it came out and completely disappointed me, honestly I was annoyed that I wasted $50 on such an incomplete game.

However, there was a massive update and all of a sudden the game became golden, it really hit me on a deep level as I love resource management and base creation.

So, after a few long nights of No Man’s Sky I got bored and went searching for something similar and I was shocked at how many awesome games I found that had the same feel, but with more features, this is a list of them games.

As a side note I priced checked all the games on this list on the 15th July 2024 and found the best prices for them online by browsing over 50+ sites.


I have to give mad props to the developer Brendan Anthony single-handedly created Rodina, he even created it the engine this game is played on.

It’s rare a game set in space does well and it’s even rarer a game by a single indie developer is awesome.

Rodina is the exception to the rules and is a truly epic space game that allows you to explore the open mass of space while fighting aliens both in space and aboard spaceships.

The graphics style is reminiscent of the late 90’s with subtle hints of the future and it comes together perfectly.

The gameplay style is similar to No Man’s Sky and they both have that infinite type feeling. What’s best about Rodina is that the demo is awesome, so try out the demo, if you enjoy it support the developer and unlock the full awesomeness.

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is a darker space game where you gain control of your starship in a more cutthroat universe, where it isn’t unusual to kill everything you see.

Graphically this game looks incredible, the controls are a little difficulte to pick up, but if you add a joystick and build your muscle memory it’s truly rewarding to learn to fly.

The issues with this game come with the multiplayer, they stopped the single player so everything turns into combat and it changes the way you have to play the game and stops you being able to try different setups out.

You can get this game half price using the link above, which makes it totally worth the investment, any more and I’d say it’s better to pick one of the other games in this list.

Planet Nomads

Planet Nomad started as a Kickstarter project and got over $100,000 to start developing the game.

Very similar concept to No Man’s Sky, however you’re a planet nomad, kinda like a digital nomad just with way more technology.

Your job is to search for resources, gather materials and build a mobile base that allows you to travel through the planets and keep on the move.

If customization is your thing Planet Nomade has a similar customization style to Garry’s mod, with the ability to create crazy space vehicles and bases.

The game is still in early access and can be a little empty, but with updates, it’s becoming better.

The Solus Project

The Solus Project is truly a masterpiece in gaming. The way this game leaves people feeling is incredible, it’s immersive and unlike anything I’ve played before.

To say the graphics are stunning in an understatement.

The theme is planet exploration with a dark scary twist, kind of like the twists in Dead Space.

Not to spoil it, but you’re not alone in this game and what’s there is super creepy and will leave you jumping up, running and feeling unsettled for hours after playing.

But hold that thought and check out the beautiful planets and scenery.


I’m going to need your imagination for a second, okay so imagine No Man’s Sky was 2d and had everything it ever missed.

Have you done that?

Bam you have Starbound. Seems a little crazy, but this game has some of the best crafting, survival and exploration that I’ve seen.

You start lost in Space after running away from your hometown, you then have to repair your ship on a random planet by gathering resources, once done you can set off and explore the whole universe.

If you enjoy strategy and old-school boss based video games then you’ll be all over Starbound and I say that as someone who’s both them things and loves this game.

Don’t let the 2d graphics full you, the sound, story, backgrounds and gameplay are masterful.

You can see more games like StarBound here.

Rebel Galaxy

☑ Do you like big spaceships?

☑ Do you like exploration in a sci-fi universe?

☑ Do you enjoy RPG?

Okay hold your hats because I’ve got the game for you and it’s called Rebel Galaxy and it’s a deep space, spaceship game.

Fly the universe, destroy ships the size of a small planet, try dog style fight tactics during spaceship on spaceship fights and customize the hell out of your Starcraft.

Ow and don’t forget to avoid the big rocks that fly through space, they will mess you up and the enemies weapons, damn them lasers are unforgiving.


Astroneer is what No Mans Sky wanted to be.

Honestly, everything No Man’s Skys does Astroneer does better.

☑ The crafting, better.

☑ The exploration, better.

☑ The building, better.

☑ The graphics, better.

This is coming from someone who really enjoys No Man’s Sky.

This is the first game I’d pick up on this list and should be the one you try next. It’s pure beauty and that’s just the gameplay, without mentioning the music, the UI, the exploration and graphics.

This is the game I pick up to chill out, it’s not like an FPS shooter, it’s a game built to let your creativity run wild and all of it gets better when you add a few friends.


Breathedge is a wildcard that I wanted to add because it’s a pretty epic space survival game, with a really dark feel.

Now, this is the newest game release on this list and so far it’s got a 10/10 score on Steam and I feel like it’s got the potential to be a massive game.

If you’re looking for a deep story with lots of funny moments, lots of dark moments and some game features/mechanics that I’ve never seen before.


Subnautica is one of the best games on this list, by far.

Honestly if you’ve not heard of Subnautica before do yourself a favor and check the trailer. This game incorporates survival, base creation, hunting and horror perfectly.

I see it being one of the best games of 2018, because it’s just so decent and just look at the review I mean I scrolled for a while and only found one bad review that was because of PC spec.

I love that it’s underwater and the game fixed a lot of features other games have never been able to get right.

I made an epic list of game alternatives to Subnautica.

Games Like No Man’s Sky On Android/IOS

Here are two games that reminded me of No Man’s Sky, but instead of being for consoles/PC they’re for smartphones.

Morphite (Andriod/PC)

Is the best No Man’s Sky type of game for Android money can buy.

The graphic styles are similar, the principles in the game are the same and after playing it I can’t get over how amazing and immersive the gameplay is on my phone.

I don’t have a super phone and this game works like a beast on it.

The graphics are peaceful to look at and satisfying, the exploration is fun and the flying of spaceships is something I think all of us enjoy.

Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD (Andriod/IOS/PC)

If you’re looking for a game similar to no man’s sky, but want it on your smartphone, look no further than Galaxy on Fire 2.

It’s an open world galaxy exploration game, you’re in a starcraft traveling the universe, battling and finding new planets.

I added this for those of you who like a bit of mobile gaming.

What Games Would I Play First?

Without blinking I’d grab a copy of Astroneer, it’s art style and the overall game is like No Man’s Sky, but better.

Next, I’d grab Subnautica, if you like building, survival and a little horror this game is a must buy.

Finally, I’d get Starbound for something completely different, I’ve spoken to a few gamers who’ve hit up Starbound after No Man’s Sky and it’s a great transition into a different style of game.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, it took me long time to create and I’m constantly updating and moving around games to make this list the best online. If I’ve missed any games please let me know. Have an epic day!