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Biggest Discount For Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon zero dawn is an open world RPG that is absolutely crazy. It’s played in third person view and I feel like it gives you a really nice perspective on the world around you and of the main character, ‘Aloy’.

You play as ‘Aloy’ who must escape from her tribe to learn about where the world started and to discover the secrets of the past. She must fight against these huge robotic creatures, explore the giant open world, meet other creatures, engage in side missions, follow the story as it takes her around the world and ultimately found what life is all about.

Killing the robotic creatures, known as ‘Machines’ is vital for Aloys (your) survival. The components of the creatures can be looted and are great resources for Aloy.

The weapondry is amazing and really useful and tactful. There’s also an option to be able to scan your enemies so that you are to see their susceptibilities, their particular location, their particular level amongst other things.

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Overview of Horizon Zero Dawn

This game is the game of the year in my opinion. It’s fast paced, open world, it has amazing graphics, the main character is so likeable and the story itself is fun to play and exciting at every corner.

Kill enemies and Machines with traps, ambushes, arrows and more. Hack the machines to be able to ride them so you are able to move around faster or simply loot them to take vital components that are vital to your survival.

Follow the story to indulge in missions, talk to other characters, enjoy the day and night cycle, be constantly on edge and love every second of horizon zero dawn.

I personally don’t feel like anything I say will give this game justice, it’s just so good and so loved by gamers that you should really just watch the trailer and see for yourself how awesome it is.

How To: Horizon Zero Dawn

Because the map is so huge and because you don’t meet real life online players, it can sometimes get difficult. Things like killing your first machine, hiding in foliage, ambushing enemies and even down to interacting with no comunicable characters is hard.

However, it can all be learned with ease. I recommend watching this video that I left next to this text that teaches you some easy little tips and tricks for beginners and even more advanced players in this game. It never hurts to learn a little bit more!

Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Horizon Zero Dawn

I LOVE videos like this. Learning all about secrets behind the game, inside the game and surrounding the game. It’s like when we all learned about the simpsons and them guessing the future, it just gives you a little information and in games like horizon zero dawn it also is great fun to spot things inside the game and know things about the game that nobody else knows.

If you’re waiting for the game to download or just want to learn a little more about this game do check that video out and impress yourself with your new found HZD knowledge.

Games Like Horizon Zero Dawn

I love HZD and I don’t think there are many games like it. The whole post-apocalyptic ancient vibe mixed with the futuristic technology really is something I had never seen before and so it’s hard to just pin point one game.

However, I do have a list here of my favorite open world games which is something we all love about HZD. Exploring, meeting people and doing side missions is something you can find in a few of the games on that list so be sure to check it out if you like open world gaming.

Cheapest Place To Buy Horizon Zero Dawn:

HZD is still a little pricey. At the moment it’s only available on playstation and i am patiently waiting for it to be more accesible on other consoles so that we can all play and enjoy it.

However, just because it’s pricey in some places it doesn’t mean it has to be everywhere and I found horizon zero dawn for a great price. You just need to click the playstation price finder below and let it take you directly to the best price online.