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Best Price For Destiny

Destiny is an online multiplayer first person shooter game that aspects of halo mixed with a few other popular games.

Players take on the role of the Guardian who are the protectors of the earth. From there you travel to other planets and universes to meet and destory alien armies who are looking to destroy the earth, you must protect your planet at any cost.

There’s also player versus player and player versus enviroment modes which are both extremely fun.

Travelling to other planets, interacting with the players you are matched with, defeating alien forces, protecting the earth and reviving a celestial being is seriously addicting and a really great game to play, especially if you’re in to multiplayer, sci-fi, roleplaying games and large maps. Although it’s not open world it does give you the ability to roam around and be free at times.


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Overview of Destiny

The fact that every different alien race uses different weapons, combat and skills really makes the whole fighting and destruction element a lot more fun.

There’s so much to explore and so much to see that every time you play Destiny you seem to discover something new.

Multiplayer is great fun and not really a traditional multiplayer in any sense, you can’t just interact with anybody, you can only interact with the people you are matched with which can be annoying but it’s also unique and works for the game.

The graphics are great and the detailing on each planet and each new race is convincing, along with the soundtrack that helps set the atmosphere and really submerges you in to the game.

Things To Do In Destiny

Whatever I say won’t do this video justice, there’s so much content packed in to this video and others that it really is worth just watching it to take it all in.

Just destroying alien races is enough for some people but it doesn’t just end there. The epic graphics aren’t just there for us to look at, Destiny wants us to really indulge and enjoy the game so be sure to make full use  of absolutely everything and stock up your imagination with this video.

Fun You Can Have In Destiny

I had to include this video so that you can watch some of the funniest fails ever to have occured in Destiny. They really make me laugh and if you’re familiar with the game you will realise just how funny some of them actually are.

These fails are of course not a regular occurence and sometimes just glitches but trust me when I say Destiny is packed with fun and there’s even a Destiny 2 making its way out.

Games Like Destiny

Sci-fi, space exploration, aliens, multiplayer, FPS…there’s not a lot of games that have such a vast description however, I can think of a few so be sure to check them out.

Cheapest Place To Buy Destiny:

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