Saints Row is and has always been the ultimate game for fun and mischief…

…What other game allows you to kill aliens, whilst car surfing, only to jump off, grab another car and decide doing stunts is more fun?

And don’t even get me started on the customization, I’m talking my avatar may be the craziest thing you’ve ever seen in your life… Let me just say three words, boobs, green and suit.

Hopefully, me bringing up the sheer playfulness of this game hasn’t hurt your gaming mind too much with the thought that you can’t fill the void till the next saints game comes out…

…But if you’re sat in despair screaming “I miss you saint row! You left a hole no one can fill, not my friends, my girlfriend, not even my wife!”

Fear not… I’ve got some games that have been hand selected and played, that are sure to fill that gloomy hole Saints Row leaves behind.

gta 5 pc

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5… The best GTA ever created! With constant updates, AMAZING multiplayer features, awesome customization and a list of millions of things to do with friends and playing solo.

This game really does come packing. It’s ahead of it’s time and could even be seen as better than Saints Row :O

Wait a second let me explain…

…Grand Theft Auto 5 is like the Sopranos, it’s dark, it’s realistic and it makes you feel like you want to become a gangsta.

…Whereas Saint Row is more like Deadpool. It’s badass, exciting, but in a completely different universe.

And that’s why if you haven’t already, you need to pick up this incredible open world game and get gaming. You will not be disappointed.

I’ve also created a list with loads more amazing open worlds games (must see) and if you like GTA, but want something new then check out these games like gta.

open world games

Just Cause 3

Okay Just Cause 3 is what happens when GTA and Saints Row get drunk and accidentally has a kid, they then decide they love each other and raise the kid in a loving home.

The kid is Just Cause.

With its mix of pure insanity, I’m talking jumping out of a jumbo jet on top of a mini (car) only to decide that you prefer the jumbo jet, so jumping off the top of the mini and chasing the jumbo jet to the ground only to catch it, take it back up in the sky and restart the whole process again.

Just Cause mixes the realness of the GTA story, with the playful awesomeness of Saints Row.

It’s like an arcade version of GTA where normal earthly laws don’t hold you back.

This game also has one of the greatest scenery’s and maps I’ve ever played on.

far cry

Far Cry 3 Or 4

I had to debate on adding Far Cry as it’s a little less like Saints row and a little more like a rebel shooter… But because of the amazing open worlds, killer story and crazy arsenal of guns and vehicles this game possess I just couldn’t resist.

I feel like if you’re a fan of Saints Row you’ll love nothing more than entering the crazy Far Cry world with awesome bosses, crazy animals that try to kick the *ish out of you while you do important stuff and the amazing open world map that offers loads to explore.

Alone or with a friend this game is something you should play.



Crackdown is the double of Saints Row 4, with superpowers, the same leveling up system (using orbs) and similar powers like running up walls, jumping high, super speed and power stomps.

The gameplay style also matches one another with Crackdown being a real arcadey style.

Now Crackdown isn’t a game you’ll spend years playing and in my opinion Saints row is better, but as a game to pass the time, enjoy and complete, Crackdown is definitely worth the investment.

cheapest place to get mafia


Now Mafia isn’t the same as Saints Row I’m not going to lie, but what Mafia is, is a game that every saints fan will love.

The mafia franchise has always been insanely good at creating stories that get you excited, make you believe and even get inside your head.

The gameplay is similar to GTA, but with a much greater focus on shooting, driving mechanics and story.

This isn’t just a game it’s more like a season of your favorite mafia show.

dead rising

Dead Rising

Like Zombies? Like Saints Row? Then oh baby you have just found a game that you’ll be addicted to for YEARS!

Dead rising is the zombie baby of Saints, the creativity, the customization of weapons and the amazing map is all deeply connected to Saints.

The way it feels the enjoyment you get from finding new ways to kill and even the story is a similar style to Saints.

The only difference is instead of looking for crazy stunts and weird creative stuff to do in the world, you’ll be looking for crazy ways to kill massive amounts of zombies and places to hide when the zombie killing fails you.

Like zombie games? Check out or list of the most amazing zombie games ever created.

apb reloaded

All Point Bulletin

This is a free to play game that you can get on Steam right now.

It’s an MMO version of GTA where you play cops and robbers, now this game can be lots of fun, as long as your online game doesn’t get interrupted by hackers.

If that doesn’t happen then you can enjoy a brilliant arsenal of guns, cars and ways to either catch bad guys, or rob good guys.

This game would have been incredible if they released a version that was well moderated and a little better built, but for a free game, you just can’t complain.

watch dog

Watch Dogs

Wooooaaaahh! Watch Dogs is here baby and I’m talking crazy open-world hacking, parkour, action, story and awesomeness.

This game is one of a kind and is totally worth it just for the story.

Now as I write this we have the second Watch Dog coming out and I totally recommend holding off and getting it.

After seeing the trailer and watching the gameplay this game looks like one of a kind, so if you enjoy missions, open world, crazy graphics, vehicles, but all wrapped up unlike you’ve ever seen them then watchdogs is the game for you!

dying light

Dying Light

I’m just about to finish playing this beautiful game.

No joke I’ve been completely hooked on it for the past 2 weeks.

Why is this game awesome?

One, the zombies are fun to kill (super hard sometimes) and there are loads of different varieties of zombie.

Two, it’s all online (if you want it to be) so you can play with your friends.

Three, the story sucked me in and keeps making me come back.

Four, the weapon system is out this world, the looting makes gameplay more fun and the side quests add new elements to the game.

Five, the parkour aspect is SO FUN and the leveling up is a real reason to play.

All of that plus the open world, the weapon upgrades and the zombie traps make this a top game that all Saint Row fans must play (especially the zombie fans).

You can also check out more games like dying light.


Rust (games like rust) is an open world survival game that is easily one of the greatest created to date.

With over 120 thousand reviews and still a 9 out of 10, this open world game is sure to keep you and all your friends entertained.

Now, this is another game that doesn’t share too much in common with Saint Row other than the open world, but it does have the same kind of creative mischief you can get up to for hours on end, both alone and with a friend.

Now if I was to put it into terms this is adult Minecraft (but better) and it’s a game I highly recommend.

sleeping dogs cover

Sleeping Dogs

I have not put too much time into this game yet but it’s got very similar game mechanics to Saints Row along with a similar mission base to Saints 2.

You only need to watch the trailer to see just how similar sleeping dogs is to Saints and in all the right ways.

If you’re looking to get a real deep saints fix then you should grab yourself a copy of Sleeping dogs.


Bully is one of my old time favorite games. Now this game is anything but new, in fact, I remember playing it on a ps2 when I was in my early teens. But even now when I look back at this game it’s even more solid than I remember it.

What is Bully?

It’s a game created by rockstar where you’re a rough kid heading to a boarding school type place filled with loads of posh kids that want to make your life hell… You fight back, steal mopeds, upgrade your digs and find new ways to create hell for everyone else.

Just thinking about this game is making me want to go back and do it all again.