Destiny is a hugely popular online multiplayer game, take on the role as guardians of the earth, roam around killing other beings and essentially protecting the earth from destructive alien races.

If you have played the game you may be looking for something new so check out my hand picked list below and if you have any more suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below!


Halo (games similar to halo) is a first-person shooter game available on Xbox. You may have already played halo in the past and for those of you that have, know that the game has kept the core of the game whilst making everything else a lot better (graphics, gameplay, bugs..).

Fight, protect and work as a team in order to win.

Dawn Zero Horizon

Before I say anything I have to mention the graphics in this game. They are absolutely amazing and realistic, they really immerse you into the gameplay and bring everything to life. Not only do the graphics bring it to the life but the actual story is really mesmerizing and gripping.

In horizon zero dawn you’re in an open-world, along with RPG elements. You play as Aloy, you leave your home and set out to explore the dangers of the world. There’s so much to explore, scary mechanical creatures and loads to keep you occupied and gripped to the edge of your seat.


Play intense single or multiplayer in Titanfall 2. Follow the exhilarating story in the single mode, with tons of twists and turns and ultimately carry out very dangerous missions or play multiplayer and play fast-paced combat with titans & more.

It’s a really fun, intense game that so many gamers love and it’s a game I just can’t do any justice. Make sure to watch the trailer next to this text to get a better feel for this awesome game.


A team-based multiplayer FPS game that you’re going to love if you loved destiny. You get randomly placed into two teams of six, each character has unique movements, abilities, skill sets & more. You must work as a team to defend points in the map or escort something across the map.

It’s competitive, fun and the game of this year in my opinion.

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Play as one of four and destroy anyone who dares cross your path. Borderlands is an outstanding action-packed, FPS, RPG game.

You’re placed on a random desolate planet where you must engage in quick-paced combat and find powerful alien technology. The characters have great funny dialogue, the story is gripping, the locations/graphics are really well done and overall this game is just a solid favorite amongst so many people.

If you love Borderlands like me I created a list on the 14 games like borderlands.

Planet Calypso

if you like SCI-FI and you liked Destiny then check out planet calypso, it’s not the most popular game on this list but it is good and it does deserve recognition.

You must try and rebuild the planet and restore civilization, also explore, hunt, fight robots, craft, develop a profession and much more.

It’s a free game so you’re not going to lose anything by giving it a try and seeing how awesome it actually is.


Warframe is another free to play game, set in a sci-fi world and with third-person shooter gameplay.

Join in the war in this huge online community and enjoy the story, it’s really good for a free game and i would recommend it to anyone looking for something a little different.

Tom Clancy’s

If you liked the sharp, intense graphics from Destiny you are going to love Tom Clancy’s the division’s graphics.

Society has fallen and you are part of the special unit that is there to protect humanity and take control of the destruction of society.

Take back New York, fight against hostile groups trying to take advantage of this crisis, you can even play multiplayer.

Fallen Earth

This game has a skill-based system which is not something we always see in games like Destiny. Fallen earth is not that new but it’s still really active and has a large community that continues to play.

Set in 2156 this futuristic game is set after all of the humanity has been wiped out. Play against the harsh environment and against players as you fight to survive in this scary world.


Play against your arch enemies in an arena based first person shooter. Defy the laws of psychics as you take control of the arena, play solo or online, there’s game-changing power up’s, super competitive and a lot of fun to enjoy for a few hours (every day).

Tribes: Ascend

Tribes: Ascend is another free to play game, there is DLC you can pay for but on the whole, it is a free game, which of course we all love.

Play online in the huge community with a load of different vehicles, weapons and modes of transport. As you play your character progresses and gets better, so the more you play the better you get. It’s really fast-paced so you have to enjoy that kind of thing before you download!

Planetside 2

Another free to play game that reminds me and others of destiny is planetside 2. Play online with this huge community and fight against opposing empires by completing missions and taking them out.

The detail and graphics are amazing for a free game and the developers have put a lot of time and effort into this game, setting the atmosphere, the missions, the weapons, the characters and everything else. If you enjoy warfare, teamwork and battles you will love planetside 2.

Killzone Shadow Fall

You just have to watch the trailer to lust after this game, full of FPS, sci-fi, weapons and combat. Killzone: shadow fall has incredible graphics, immersive content and an amazing story for you to follow. If you enjoyed the first Killzone you are going to love this one.

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An open-world futuristic online multiplayer game where each player is looking for alien technology. Stay alone or team up with other players in order to scavenge, explore and find alien weaponry and other pieces in order to win giant battles against the online community.

Mass Effects

Mass effects Andromeda (game alternatives to Mass Effect) is an action-packed RPG game where you find yourself on a planet, trying to restore and grow humanity after their 600-year journey.

With loads of exploring, creation and battle to enjoy, mass effects is a game not to be missed.

Final Fantasy

Final fantasy is an open-world RPG game along with an action-based battle system. You take control of the main protagonist of this amazing story and journey around the map reveling in side quests, missions, meeting other characters and following the story.

You made it to the end, I have an extra surprise. If you like Destiny you’ll love this video I created on the best FPS games, some are different to Destiny, but some are so similar, so give it a shot and see if there’s anything you like:

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