I’m writing this article as water leaks from the ceiling in my bathroom inside my apartment.

Did I mention I live in a foreign land where I don’t speak the language…

I thought I’d take my mind off it by writing an epic article that I’ve been putting together for the past few weeks which has some awesome games that are just like Oxygen not included.

I’ve left the comments open down below, so if I miss a game then leave it there and I’ll add as soon as I see.

I price checked all the games on this list on the 15th July 2024 to make sure they are the lowest price online.


RimWorld is the best  Sci-Fi conaly building game I’ve ever played and it’s not just me who thinks that it’s one of the highest rated games on Steam with a 10/10 score after 20,000 reviews.

Rimworld is a resource, base building colony simulator with a top-down graphics style, it’s the first game I’d play after Oxygen not included as it shares so many similarities and some may say it’s even better than Oxygen not included (I said that).

This truly is the best game on this list, I’m just being honest, if you haven’t got it already, grab your copy, you won’t regret it.

If you’ve already played Rimworld check out these Rimworld alternatives.

Craft The World

Craft the world is another classic game that has a great community and mirrors Oxygen not included.

It’s less about colony creation and more about open-world survival and base building in a randomly generated world.

Mechanically it’s a crossover between Oxygen and Minecraft, with lots more crafting options, sandbox mode and tower defense (my favorite).


Gnomoria is a sandbox village game, probably one of the best.

Your job is to take your gnomes and loot, dig and search for resources to rebuild your gnome city.

This game has amazing city building options and is truly addictive. You can create multilevel cities that have a clash of the clans feel and take over as a god of gnomes.

It’s epic and if you look at the reviews you’ll notice people have 500 + hours playing this game, once you get involved it’s hard to put it down.


If you thought the previous games I mentioned where awesome, you’ve not seen anything.

Factorio is the best resource management game ever created.

Your job is to create a self-sustaining factory that create more complex resources as you develop it.

Sounds boring? That’s what I thought, then I tried the demo, got hooked and now I’m 30 hours deep.

Just check the reviews, you don’t get 30,000 reviews and have a 10/10 on Steam without being a top-level game.

Here are some other games similar to Factorio.

Fallout Shelter

If you haven’t already then you should just grab a copy of Fallout Shelter. Why? It’s completely free to play and isn’t pay to win.

It’s extremely similar to Oxeygen not included with graphics, gameplay and overal theme.

The worlds become unstable and there’s been a big war, your job is to sustain, create and protect your state of the art vault and the people inside it.

This game has an easy 20 hours of gameplay and doesn’t cost a cent.

Kingdoms and Castles

Have you ever played clash of clans? Do you enjoy the graphics style and game mechanics?

Well, if you do then you’ll love Kingdoms and Castles, it has a Clash of Clans graphical style without the play to win system, so you’re free to grow your kingdom by building a small little hamlet, a city or just got to hell with it and built a castle, without having to wait 6 months.

Just be ready to defend your empire from the enemies that want to burn you to the ground.

I’m shocked that more people don’t know about Kingdoms and Castles, it’s awesome.

Dwarf Fortress

If you have the time to learn and game and build a love for it then Dwarf Fortress is the true original colony, base building, crafting game.

It’s completely free but will take guides and questions in order for you to actually be able to play it.

Just a look at this game and you’ll see the inspiration it’s had in most the gaming world, I mean the base of this game is the base of at least 50% of the games in this article.

If you love Dwarf Fortress and want something similar check this out.


Terraria would be one of the most recommended games to play after Oxegen not Included, this game is literally filled with objectives and things to do.

Terraria has over 170,000 reviews and still keeps a 10/10 review score on Steam. The graphics style is way more cartoon/8-bit than Oxegen, but the game principles are the same.

Craft, build a base, protect yourself and your friends and explore. Mix all this with a few online friends and you have one of the most addictive gaming experiences known to man.

Don’t get to hyped with base building as the bosses in this game mean business and will mess you up.

Prison Architect

Finally, I’ll end on a sort of wild card.

Prison Architect is a game that’s built on the same engine as RimWorld, your job is to build the best prison possible and you have complete control over everything.

It’s like the ultimate prison Tycoon game.

You start in a wasteland and you have to decide whether you’ll be high security, low security, women or men’s prison, the more prisoners you have, the more money you make and you also get more cash if the prisoners are more deadly.

I’ve poured hours into the game and have just managed to create a decent, high-security prison, that makes a killing and is basically the size of the map I’m playing in.

I’d give this game 9/10 it’s addictive and a must play right now.

You can check out Prison architect alternatives here.

Which Game Would I Recommend After Oxygen Not Included?

Overall I’d recommend you start with RimWorld, just down to the fact it feels like a deeper, more open version of Oxygen Not Included.

Then after Rimworld, I’d some good old Terraria, this game is crazy, the map generations, the game mechanics, just everything about this game makes it incredible.

Finally, I’d end with Factorio, these games all have the same theme, but are different enough to feel like a totally new experience.

Honestly, any of the games on this list will be game changers to any gamer than enjoyed Oxygen Not Included.

I guess it’s time for me to wrap this up as the plumber is in the upstairs apartment (I think) and hopefully fixing the problem.

No joke I went to the toilet and had water hit me on the head, I mean that is the weirdest experiences.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if I missed any games please leave them in the comments, have an awesome day.