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Compare Prices of The Sims 4

The sims is something we all grew up with and we all love. Hours of endless fun, making our sims have babies, have the baby taken away by social services, move on to the next guy and repeat until you get a job promotion. It’s just the way of the sims and it’s amazing.

EA have  now blessed the sims 4 upon us and it is wonderful. The graphics are better than any of back in our younger years could ever of imagined, the character customization is out of this world and if it’s possible, the game is better and more addicting than ever.

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Overview of The Sims 4

The sims 4 has a ton more customizable features. Things like your sims personality can be tweaked to perfection, they can be exactly however you want them to be. Along with their whole appearance, their job, their dreams, they way they act and how they come across as a person.

It’s the most customizable version yet and everything they do is your idea, so absolutely anything is possible.

House design has also improved massively, you can make your dream house, or their dream house, you can get ideas by exploring other neighbourhoods and then take them back to your sim.

In the older version of the sims, moving around and making friends was hard but in this version it couldn’t be easier. You can literally travel anywhere inside the map and enjoy a buzzing social life.

Awesome Sims Tips And Tricks

You can actually earn money by recycling trash. I do wish that was true to life as your sim gets 10 bucks per item of trash, which is pretty nifty if you’re tight with money or even just have no money.

You can make your sim happier and more inspired by taking a thoughtful shower or you can make them more playful by taking a bubble bath.

Change your sims aspirations whenever you want, you no longer have to be stuck with a certain sim, you can now change their dreams whenever you want.

Now you can change how your sim performs at work or school. You just click their image when they are out and from there you can choose if they’re a goof, a suck up, work hard or be social.

If you’re redecorating and on a budget, replace the walls or floors to plaster/concrete first and when you put the new floor and wallpaper down, your old stuff will be sold and you will earn some cash back.

Installing a bidet can make your sim enjoy the bathroom more and even increase their mood.

Multi-task! Do something that can fullfill two needs at once. For instance if your sim is in need of food and fun, make some food and eat it whilst watching a comedy channel or funny movie or another example is if your sim needs to work out but wants to make friends, take them to a gym where they can meet people.

There’s so many fun tips and tricks  on how to maximize your time on the sims 4 but they are just some little ones I use.


Fun You Can Have In The Sims 4

There is SO much to do in the sims that you really don’t need me to tell you the obvious. Things like aliens, parties, woo-hoo, exploring, adopting and ghosts are all a given that we all know about so I left this video for you to check out. The video is really great and tells you about some funny things that can be done and have been done to give you a giggle.

Games Like The Sims 4

There’s nothing that will ever be just like the sims, the game is too well known and it’s done way to perfectly for anyone to be able to compete. However, there are games that are similar or even have some similar features.

Here’s my list of games that are similar to the sims that you should check out if you are looking for a sim fix without actually playing the game.

Cheapest Place To Buy The Sims 4:

The sims has always been really expensive and it’s not often you can find it on deal. I have no idea why this is the case but unfortunately it is.

However, I bought my copy for a good price and I have left the link to where I bought it below. I hate paying full price so finding this place was a life saver.


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