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Cheapest Coupon To Buy Dying Light

Dying light is a first person, surival game. Incorporated in to the game are zombies, parkour and an amazing story.

It’s based in a huge open map that you are free to explore. The game does require you to complete the missions and follow the story in order to progress but if you ever want to just get better at parkour or learn the map a little better, you can do so, you aren’t restricted.

You find yourself in a zombie infested world, where you are helping to find a cure, fight against the zombies, fight against enemies and much more. The story really is great and one of the better ones that i have ever seen in a survival game like this one.

I love the parkour aspect of this game, it really gives it an indidual edge to most survival/zombie games and is really great fun to play. It does make you want to learn parkour in real life as its just a much quicker way to get around and to get away.



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Overview of Dying Light

The story in this game is fantastic, it’s really gripping and is actually a lot different to most survival games as you aren’t just left to your own devices, you actually have a purpose and a charcter you must see, save, deliver something to or just a general challenging mission to complete.

There’s also a few nice twists and turns inside the story, which gripped me even more as it makes you even more determined to find a cure and a way out of this way of life.

The night time is so scary as the zombies become far more quicker, stronger and scarier. You really do have to make your back way to the base before sundown or you find yourself screaming on the inside.

An open-world zombie survival game with awesome graphics, incredible story, parkour elements that makes it so much fun to play and compelling characters. Definitely one of the greatest survival games I have played.

How To Be A Dying Light Pro

The great thing about this game is that it teaches you how to do things without just expecting you to learn, like a lot of survival games.

The parkour you learn alongside a character, who teaches how to jump from rooftop to rooftop. The zombie killing is also all either taught to you or you get some pretty useful advice before the first few missions.

Like most games the best way to learn is to just play and allow the other characters to guide you and learn from your mistakes. However, there are some awesome videos that I recommend you checking out if you want to enter the game like a pro and already have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Fun You Can Have In Dying Light

The open world and the story allow you to be constantly busy and usually occupied doing something for them times when you are struggling try some funny things to do, watch some montages on youtube for a bit of inspiration.

Things like running in to water and watching zombies die, luring hoardes to you before killing them all, setting off car alarms and watching hundreds of zombies come running, go out at night and scare yourself silly and really the list is endless.

Games Like Dying Light

Dying light has a special place in every gamers heart who has played it and enjoyed it. The parkour, the story and the scary zombies really don’t compare to much so i have had to skip making a list on any similar games exactly like dying light and include:

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Both of these lists are jam packed full of games that are similar to dying light or even just have the same kind of aspects so if you are looking for something a little different you probably will find it on either of these lists.

Cheapest Place To Buy Dying Light:

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