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Cheapest Place To Get 7 Days to Die

7 days to die is a very popular game for gamers who like survival, FPS, zombies and open-world maps.

This game isn’t easy, it’s very challenging and it takes survival games and vamps them up to a level of beads of sweat forming across your forhead at every turn in the game.

It’s set in a world polluted by zombies, the world as we know it is no more and you must survive by crafting, building, defending and exploring. You must keep your cool in this game and not let anything get the better of you and I am not just talking about the zombies.

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Overview of 7 Days to Die

How long do you think you can survive in this world of disease, violence and limited resources?

Play single player, online or with friends craft your base, defend your loot and your home and try not to get killed by zombies or other players.

The maps are huge which I love, so you can explore as much as you like and even build your base in a remote location away from enemies and the undead.

You can farm your own plants, hunt animals, build cars and go exploring in your automobile and you can even level up your character by improving your skills and talents.

It’s a really great survival game, you really need to stay on your A game especially when zombies pop out of nowhere. I love this game and i recommend it to anyone who likes roleplay, tower defense, crafting, building, survival and RPG.

How To Survive Your First Week Of 7 Days to Die

The first week is always the hardest, you need to get used to the elements, the features and most of all the zombies.

It can be tricky but you do learn on the job and if you meet people inside the game or even just watch a fair few tutorials before diving in, you should be fine.

You just need to be cautious, get a base built and learn how to find and hunt food so that you don’t die. Once you have mastered the basics, the rest will all come naturally.

Awesome 7 Days To Die Base

There’s a trick to building a zombie proof/loot proof base and although it’s not easy when you first start the game, once you have collected resources and know the mechanics, you can easily create one of these bases, even if it’s just on a smaller scale.

I like to watch videos on how to make these bases in games like 7 days to die and Rust and whatever I try and explain will not do it justice so i do recommend getting on to youtube and just browsing through some of the best and easiest to make zombie proof bases.

Next to this text I have left a video on a giant high security base, of course this would be hard if you were solo but it gives you a good idea on how crazy some of these bases can get.

Games Like 7 Days to Die

There’s a fair few of games like 7 days to die, maybe they aren’t exactly the same but they posess some of the same elements. Things like survival, zombies, horror, tower defense and building are all key aspects in this game and something I have found in some of my other favorite games.

Here’s my list on the Best Zombie Games and another list on The Best Survival Games. Both have some amazing games included that you will probably love if you like 7 days to die.

Cheapest Place To Buy 7 Days to Die:

Nobody (including me) likes paying full price for a game especially when you don’t know if you will love it and you don’t really know much about the game.

I am always on the hunt for great deals and cheap prices and so when I found 7 days to die for an amazing price I just had to let my readers know and leave it below for you to see for yourself.