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Cheapest Place To Buy Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA is a game we are all familiar with. It’s one of those games that we all have a funny story to tell and we all once pretended to be a ‘good citizen’ for a while before doing something unspeakable and having an epic police chase.

I love the grand theft auto franchise in general and have found the game at three amazing prices for the three most popular consoles that you can check out by clicking the buttons below.

If you’re not familiar with GTA read on to find out some more little secrets and reasons why this game will never get old.

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Overview of Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand theft auto V is fantastic. It takes everything that has ever been good about GTA and turned in to a whirlwind of drop dead gorgeous graphics, a ginormous map, stunning cars, an awesome online mode and wonderful missions and character progressions.

You can play as either:

Micheal – An ex bank robber, who is pretty tough and suave to play with.

Franklin – He’s a tough gangster type guy that sorts out customers who aren’t willing to pay his boss for his work.

Trevor – An ex-military pilot who is now a very undesirable character. He’s nuts and lives in a trailer.

You can explore the map freely, without a care in the world, you can head to the strip club, the casino, restaurants, the beach, the tattoo shop, the gun shop, the car dealer, your home and so much more or you can enjoy the story mode and missions set by the creators of GTA and find yourself totally engaged in the scenarios.

Boost GTA 5 With The Redux Mod

I only recently found out about this mod and I wish I had found it sooner. A  crazy talented individual has created a downloadble mod that completely enhances the whole game and makes it look even better and realistic.

It includes real life ads, water looks so real, there’s garbage that floats around (just like in real life), roads have been retextured to make them look even more realistic, curbs and pavements take damage and the damage looks incredible and there’s tons more added. You just need to watch a few videos on the redux mod and you will be as amazed as everyone else.

Fun You Can Have In GTA

You need to let your imagination run wild in GTA as what happens, is up to you. However, there are some things that you can do if you are struggling with letting your imagination roam or you just want to get yourself hyped up for when it’s finished downloading!

  • Stunts, stunts and more stunts! I like to get a dirt bike, climb a hill (preferably one with a cycle track) and fly down it on the dirt bike for as long as I possibly can, it really leaves you with your heart in your stomach after a few tries.
  • Get in to the airport and try and get in to a plane and fly off in to the night sky without being shot down by the ever so determined police force.
  • Get 5 stars and try and out run the law and even engage in a shoot out.
  • Try out some cheats and see the fun of having no gravity, constant 5 stars, drunk mode and so much more.
  • Play online and see how scary some people actually are.
  • Become a criminal.
  • Get a lap dance and then start a fight, I usually get beat up and die pretty quick.

There’s seriously so much to do in GTA that you don’t even need to worry about having nothing to do.

Check out the video next to this text on some of the best GTA stunts ever performed.

Games Like GTA 5

If you’re interested in Grand theft auto but have played it for an hour too many, I did make a giant list of games that are similar to GTA in some way or another than you can check out below.

Some of the games in this list are:

  • Saints row 2
  • Watch dogs 2
  • Mafia 2
  • Sleeping dogs

There’s a total of 18 games on the list and you should check it out if you do need to get your GTA fix without actually playing it.

Cheapest Place To Buy GTA V:

Paying full price for a game can be heartbreaking, especially when the game is around 60 bucks but I have shopped around and hunted down the best deals on GTA V and linked them all below.

It doesn’t matter what kind of console you own or what kind of gamer you are, I have found this awesome game for an awesome price. All you need to do is click your desired console below and it will take you directly there.