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Fallout 4 Price Comparison

Fallout 4 is an epic game. If you’re a fan of open world, exploration games, survival games or even just the fallout franchise in general, you will love fallout 4.

You’re thrust in to a world that has been entirely destroyed by a nuclear war and you must fight for survival by moving, exploring, rebuilding, discovering and always being on the look out.

Craft armour and upgrade weapons, explore the map, build and fight for survival and follow the story mode to progress in this scary world of emptiness.

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Fallout Overview

I personally love the graphics and the open world element inside of this game. Both of these features combined really bring the characters and the overall map to life. Because this game is a single player it is a good idea for developers to really bring the game to life in other ways and I personally feel like they executed that.

The game is challenging but it’s definitely great fun and really satisfying to know that you’re the only one who can rebuild the world so long as you stay alive and keep going.

There’s plenty to do and get on with in fallout and there’s never really a dull moment because something always needs to get done.


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What Are Some Of The Best Features?

The FPS in this game is tons better than it ever used to be. I used to feel like the shooter lacked something but in this version they have really updated that and it’s really noticeable.

Crafting is really needed in this game and allows you to upgrade your weapons, your armour and you’re even able to craft things like medicine to help you out when you encounter trouble.

Something not many people really notice is the awesome third person combat built in to Fallout. The fights, the enemies and the way you battle is really magnificent and adds a new perspective to the game on a whole.

The overall story is good. It does throw some pretty drastic twists but in general it’s engaging and gives you a good understanding and general great character development.


The final thing i love about fallout are the mods. There’s plenty to choose from and all make the experience a lot more enjoyable and fun to work with.

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