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Best Price You Can Buy X-Plane

X-Plane is a realisic open world flight simulator that has been designed to be the most flexible flight simulator to ever come in to existence.

There’s loads of add-ons for you to use so than any aircraft can become a reality and you can design anything and let your aircraft imagination run wild.

The graphics and realism outside of the plane are out of this world, the clouds come to life, the cities look bustling and all of this brings it back to being one of the most realistic flying experiences to ever come in to the gaming world.

You as the pilot is able to experience what its like to fly a giant jumbo jet or any tiny light aircraft in various weather conditions and heading to different destinations.


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Overview of X-Plane

Having air traffic control land you and other planes in just adds to the whole realism of this flight simulation game. Be wary of turbulance and the world around you and get as close to flying a plane as you may ever get.

X-plane has 30 incredible aircrafts for you to choose from and you get to experience what they would be like to fly one by one, in different weather conditons and runways to get the most realistic experience yet.

Something i love is seeing other virtual pilots flying around you, watch as they struggle against the weather, land on a short runway and take orders from the air traffic controller.

If you enjoy realistic flight simulation this game does just that, don’t expect any crazy missions or hidden features this game is for plane flying enthusiasts.

How To Fly Like A Pro In X-Plane

There’s a few things you need to know in order to start flying your plane like a pro. Smooth landings, easy take off’s and flying smoothly through turbulance in a tiny jet doesn’t come naturally, it takes patience, skill and a lot of practice.

I recommend you checking out some videos or blogs that filled with tips and tricks, they just make your experience better and allow you to start enjoing the game quicker rather than keep failing trying to get the plane to take off.

Some people prefer not to do this as they just enjoy practing and practicing until they finally crack x-plane but if you’re not one these people you should watch the video i left as it has some great pointers.

Things To Do In X-Plane

X-plane is a flight simulator so remember if you aren’t a flight simulating enthusiast you may not love this game as much as others. However, if you are a flight simulating lover there are loads of add on’s that you can work in to your plane workshop and is something i definitely recommend you doing.

Aside from the millions of adds on, there are things you can do during take off and landing and camera angles you should definitely check out during flight so be sure to watch some videos, read some blog posts and get some ideas on how to make this flight simulator even better.


Games Like X-Plane

There’s a few flight simulators and one that I have talked about before is flight simulator. This game gives you the ability to crash and do a few little missions along with featuring more airports however, some flying enthusiasts so boast that x-plane is a lot more realistic to flying.

I also made a list on Games Similar To War Thunder these games feature planes, open worlds and flight simulation and i just wanted to leave it here in case anyone was interested.

Cheapest Place To Buy X-Plane:

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