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Cheapest Place To Buy Cities: Skylines

Cities Skylines is a challenging, creative game where you build and manage your own city. You are the mayor of your town, you pick your map and get started.

I prefer playing without money as it gives you the option to be as creative as you can be but I also know that some people love using money and being able to afford buildings and other things from hard work.

In cities skylines you build communities, schools, hospitals, police stations, bus routes, airports, football stadiums, parks, universities, fire stations, shopping malls and so much more. The game is great fun and really allows your creativity and imagination to run wild.

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Overview of Cities: Skylines

I love this game and have spent so many hours of my life perfecting my cities. It can be a little tricky at first where water and electricity are concerned but you soon get the hang of it.

You need to build communities, along with sewage systems, funeral homes, schools and anything else you can think of. You need to please your residents or they will move out.

You decide where everything goes, just beware of noise complaints, pollution and traffic. It really is rewarding when you unlock new things and move up in the game, you just have to be patient and try to meet the needs of your people.

I feel like cities skylines is a much better version of sim city however, some would disagree.

Amazing Cities In Cities: Skylines

As you can see from this video, the cities you can create are absolutely out of this world. If you have time and a big imagination you can literally create your dream city complete with trains, ships, airports and giant business districts.

I like to look for cities online and then try and re-create them in my own unique way, I am nowhere near being the best creator but I do let my creative side run havoc and create a city I would want to live in.

It really is great fun and one of the best creative, city builder games I have ever come across. There’s also tons of free DLC in the game, you find them in the game menu and there’s literally thousands of objects.

Awesome Tips For Cities: Skylines

Traffic can be a HUGE problem in this game so try to be aware and not let the main entrance from the main road go anywhere near homes, hospitals or police stations, otherwise it will cause a lot of deaths, fires and burglaries. The best thing to do is build a huge roundabout and let the traffic disperse in to different directions.

Polluting the water is also a problem, place your water pumping machine and your sewage machine next to one another but be careful in what way the water flows. Little white arrows will appear when you go to place these things so make sure to place the sewage downstream, away from the water.

Too many schools will make your people overeducated and will stop them from wanting to work in factories, shops and small jobs. Make sure to keep at least one district a little short of schools.

Use the policies to your advantage, If you have a quiet village area try see if a heavy traffic ban will increase the house values and increase their overall happiness. Just make sure the traffic has an alternative route.

Public transport is great fun to put in but I have always struggled with bus routes, they never seem to work as seemlessly as the metro so if you can, opt for the metro system as it is so much easier a lot better for your city as it can reduce traffic.

There’s so many tips for this game but you do learn a lot of them along the way so don’t panic when you first start the game!

Games Like Cities: Skylines

There’s not a ton of games like cities skylines, none that I would say make me jump with joy at the thought. However, I did make an article on games that are similar to the sims and my guess is that if you’re a fan of tycoon games like this one, you will enjoy this list.

As I did mention before, not much can compare to city skylines. There is a sim city and that’s a good game but in reality it’s nowhere near as good as city skylines, it just doesn’t have the same building aspect, the same feel or the same overall quality.

Cheapest Place To Buy Cities: Skylines:

I would never of paid full price for this game when I didn’t really know anything about it, which made me go on a hunt for the absolute best price.

Luckily, I found it and got to enjoy this game in all of it’s glory for an amazing deal and I have left that link to the best price below. It really doesn’t hurt to shop around sometimes because you never know when you will find an amazing deal like this one.