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Best Discount For Planet Coaster

I was beyond excited when they released this game. I am a huge fan of the old school roller coaster tycoon games so when they announced planet coaster and I watched the trailer, I almost died with excitement.

Planet coaster is like rollercoaster tycoon only a million times better. The graphics, the rides, the building aspect, the people, the map and the overall game is just so much better, so much more advanced and it really submerges you in to theme park building.

It’s one of my favorite creative games, you can literally build the park however you want and your guests are now not shy in telling you what they really think about the boss.

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Overview of Planet Coaster

Just watching the trailer will leave you wanting this game. It’s what I always wanted growing up with rollercoaster tycoon and it’s finally here and it’s amazing.

Build your theme park empire in this incredible simulation, make any rollercoaster that pops in to your mind or just use the pre-made coasters and incorporate water, mountains, scenery, anything!

Something all theme park simulation lovers want is a good management system. In planet coaster you get complete control over your park and how much your guests enjoy it. It’s really fun and satisying to be able to please people and give them a great time in your park. Each guest is an individual with different needs, thoughts and explores so you may have some demanding guests on your hands every now and again.



Craziest Build In Planet Coaster

As you can see from this video, building on planet coaster can get pretty extreme and beyond your wildest imagination.

You really do have the possibility to build whatever coaster it is you want to build, you must runs tests, check it works and is safe but apart from that you can create fascinating coasters that even the most daring guest will be wary of trying out.

There’s tons of videos and blogs out there outlining their best work and you can either try and do it yourself or just take some inspiration and make your own.

Planet coaster also has a really great feature that allows to be inspired, you can browse and discover new coasters from other parks, download content or find the latest designs selected by the planet coaster team. You can also join the community and share your designs and see what others are creating.

Fun You Can Have In Planet Coaster

There’s honestly so much you can do inside this game that you don’t have to look very far to see what i mean.

Build crazy rollercoasters, build shops, souvenir stalls, pavements, paths, scenery and so much more. The game submerges you in to its graphics, thrills and ability to create any theme park that comes to mind.

I did mention this before but you can find so many videos out there that can can inspire you if you ever get stuck in to a bit of a rut.

Games Like Planet Coaster

Because Planet coaster is quite new and I was a huge fan of the rollercoaster tycoon franchise for so long I did do a list a while back on my favorite games that are similar to rollercoaster tycoonI thought it would be fitting because they both are theme park simulation games and both have massive similarities.

At the time of writing this, no theme park game as ever come close in my opinion but i know as the gaming world develops something will come along that will blow the socks off of planet coaster so until then I am so content with this game and its made its way in to my favorites.

Cheapest Place To Buy Planet Coaster:

The game is new right now so it’s not really ever found with a giant deal or tons of money off, although i did find it with a small discount and you can find it by clicking the link below. Even saving a couple of bucks is worth it and i know i love a good deal.