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Cheapest Price To Buy Flight Simulator

Flight simulator has won an array of awards for being one of the best flight simulation experiences ever. Take off from anywhere in the world and fly your plane to its destination with real feel, lifelike features and simulation.

You can set the time, the weather, the location, your plane, the season and even from which of 24,000 locations set in the game. There’s even a multiplayer version so you can now play and take to the skies with your friends.

You can be the pilot, the co-pilot or even the air traffic controller. It really is an amazing simulation game and if you ever wanted to feel what it’s like to fly any kind of aircraft, now is your chance in this fantastic simulator game.

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Overview of Flight Simulator

Complete missions, race in the skies with friends or even just take out your favorite aircrafts for a spin.

Flight simulator is so popular, it really has touched the hearts of so many aircraft enthusiasts. Something i love is the added realness, the way each plane operates, the cockpit, the moving baggage carts, re-fueling and so much more just makes it so realistic and really good fun to lose yourself in for a few hours.

Something else that should be mentioned is the multiplayer mode. I think it’s a wonderful addition as you can challenge your friends and just enjoy something different to what we are all used to in the normal multiplayer games, flight simulation just throws a curve ball in to the world of gaming and I love it.

Things To Know Before You Buy Flight Simulator

You must know that this a flight simulator you won’t get crazy crashes, explosions and other scary stuff. It’s for people who want to fly planes, fly with friends and complete easy going sky missions. You are able to crash but isn’t a crazy epic crash like for instance if you crashed a plane in GTA V.

However, if that’s your thing you will love it and there are plenty of videos and blogs out there outlining things you should know before playing and things to avoid when playing and if you have the time i do recommend watching and reading them as they will give you more of an insight in to the game than I am able to.

You can download so many add-ons that make the game even better so look out for those as soon as you want a new twist.

Things To Do In Flight Simulator

Obviously the aim of the game is to fly planes, have fun and get the job done but there are some things you can do to make the game even better. I do suggest downloading the free add-ons before you even begin, it increases the fun in the game, changes textures and just adds a new element.

There are however a few more things you can do and i have left a video for you to watch detailing these things. There’s plenty out there and some will guarantee you a good laugh and others will actually be informative and help you out whenever you are struggling.

flight simulator

Games Like Flight Simulator

There’s not many games out there in the universe that are as simple, good and simulating at this one. Most flight games aren’t that realistic and just make you want to crash the plane when you get bored, but flight simulator isn’t like that it actually is realistic and has really positive feedback whenever I read about it.

I don’t have an article dedicated to flight simulator but there will be one released in the future so for now I am going to leave my Favorite Tycoon Games, I know these bare little resemblance to flight simulator but usually the people who love this game have a soft spot for tycoon games.

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