You don’t get 85,000 reviews and have a 10/10 rating on Steam without being an incredible game.

That’s what Stardew Valley is, incredible and may be one of the best RPG Agriculture simulators ever made.

Anyone who’s spent even a few hours playing Stardew knows just how addictive this game is, I’m 100 + hours deep and still check up on this game all the time.

It’s the perfect mix of management, creation, exploration and unlocking and it has something so many games have missed.

So, after playing the hell out of this game I needed something new, so over the past year I took a break and in this time I went looking and for replacements and I found some of the best games that are just like Stardew Valley, some are copies, some are slightly different and others only share a few key features, however, all of them will have you hooked after the first gameplay.

Money saving tip: I’ve completed a price check on the 31st January 2023 on all the games to find the cheapest place to get them online, I try to do it once a week to keep everything up-to-date.


Take Stardew Valley flip it into a 2d front-on game and you get Terraria.

Terraria isn’t as grind intensive, but all the key features are there and that’s why this would be the first game I’d recommend you play after Stardew.

Tarraria actually has more positive reviews, it has over 175,000 and still maintains a 10/10 rating on steam, which is pure madness.

Your job is to dig, explore, find and build, or and protect yourself from all the monsters and animals that want to kill you.

Most people have 300 + hours playing this game and there’s a reason for that, it’s so damn addictive and once you add friends to the mix, you have hundreds of hours of fun.

My Time At Portia

Completely different graphics with the exact same goals as Stardew Valley, that’s exactly what my time at Portia is.

Craft, build, gather and create a beautiful garden and while you relax in the blissful open-world and enjoy the challenges that come your way.

This game isn’t as addictive as Stardew, but it’s easy to pick-up and play and has a lot of similarities that made it easy for me to get into it.


Seriously I packed this list with pure gold and Starbound is a great example of that.

Starbound is a wildcard, but a wildcard I know you’ll love.

In Starbound you fled your home, only to find yourself lost in space with a ship that’s broken and needs massive repair, you only have one option and that’s to beam down to a new planet and try to find resources to fix your ship.

Monsters want to eat you, while you build a colony from scratch and try to gather resources that allow you to evolve.

Amazing graphics (similar to Terraria), crazy gameplay and the progression is fun even after 100 hours of gameplay.

If you like the sound of Starbound, but have completed it, try one of these games instead.


If you’re easily addicted to games avoid Factorio.

This game might not look impressive on first impressions, however, it’s one of the best real-time strategy games ever made.

If you enjoy base building, resource management, strategy and survival you’ll fall in-love with Factorio, this game has an amazing fanbase and is perfect for anyone looking to get over Stardew Valley.

I’ve created an amazing game of Factorio alternatives right here.


I’m surprise Banished (Games similar to Banished) isn’t mentioned more in the talk of games similar to Stardew Valley.

Now, the graphics style in Banished is completely different, but the gameplay and objectives are the same, only much harder in Banished.

You’ve been exiled and the only way to survive is to take the few people you have and start building your own town.

You’ll need to work on creating a farm, housing and safety, all while the world does everything it can to destroy what you’ve made.

How long will it take for you to make a city that thrives, will you ever be able too?

Don’t Starve

You’re chucked into a world that wants you dead, from monsters that come in the night, to wolfs that seak blood and even the snow that will freeze you to death.

Your job is to survive, sound easy? Well, you only get one single life (unless you find more, which is super hard), die and it’s game over and you have to restart.

You’ll need to learn to save multiple times and always have exit strategies to stop yourself from starving or being eaten alive.

You can check these games that are like Don’t Starve here.

No Man’s Sky

Something a little different.

No Man’s Sky (games like No Man’s Sky) got a really bad name on its release, however with updates over the last few years they have managed to create a really awesome game.

Cut through the ground, horde, mine, craft and create a base with an eco-system that will keep you alive.

You need to farm and can even explore an infinite amount of planets all filled with different species.

The graphics are awesome and I have a feeling this game will turn it around and gain a massive community in no time (as long as these epic updates keep happening).


Is probably the most unpopular, popular game.

What do I mean?

Well, no one I know has heard of Undertale, but this game has a MASSIVE following, when I say massive I’m talking over 80,000 reviews and a 10/10 scores.

Similar graphics, gameplay, and mechanics as Stardew Valley.

Undertale is a story-rich, choice matters game with awesome soundtracks (really awesome), this game is highly addictive and is a must play right now.


Are you ready to build a Sci-Fi colony? If the answer’s yes then you need to jump on Rim world, possibly the greatest colony, strategy game every created.

This game is made with some of the best game mechanics I’ve seen in years, it’s built to perfection and the gaming developers (Ludeon Studios), listen and take feedback from the community and have done since the release in 2016.

The game keeps getting better and currently, this is the game I’m replacing Stardew Valley with.

I love Rimworld so I created this unreal list of games that are just like it.

Farm Together

Like farming? Course you do!

Well, farm together is the perfect farm simulator to jump onto next.

You can build your farm with or without friends, deal with harsh winters, hot summers and see if you’ve got what it takes to create a long-lasting farm that grows, or if you’re a failure that falls at every hurdle.

The developers are listening, updating and make the game better every week and in my experience, you either love this game and have over 200 hours or you fail at the first part and hate it with 10 minutes.


Moonlighter is one of the games on the list I haven’t actually played yet, however, I kept seeing it come up in the talk of games similar to Stardew Valley.

From what I’ve seen you have very similar graphics and controls and the overall gameplay screams Stardew.

You’ve got to craft, raid, get the lot, enhance and fight with style inside this rouge role-play game.


Staxel hasn’t broken the mainstream yet, but if it keeps going the way it is I hope to see it hit by the end of the year.

Staxel is a farm simulator with a Minecraft style, your job is to build and keep a farm with your friends in this voxel open-world.

The UI, isn’t a little hard to get used to and there’s some issues with the gameplay, but once these are sorted there will be an awesome game waiting to shine through.

If you like Minecraft and Stardew, jump on this game and give it a shot.

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Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is an old-school game, you could say it’s where Stardew Valley started, the games are both similar and share a lot of gameplay mechanics, just with massive graphical changes.

Personally, I’ll always be a Stardew fan over Harvest Moon, but there’s no reason why you can’t try it out and see what you think for yourself.

A quick breakdown of Harvest Moon, it’s an RPG game that allows you to build relationships, look after your harvest while you explore the Harvest Moon universe, rebuild the town, power up the lighthouse and be ready to start your family.

Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders is an action role-playing game which you can play on PS4, it has a very similar feel and is like a crossover with a little Minecraft added in.

You can build for fun or take to the road and build for adventure with the end goal being you save the world and become a true gaming hero.

Which Game Is Most Like Stardew Vallet?

I’d start with Terraria, it’s not a mirror game, but that’s what makes it perfect. Terraria has enough difference where it feels like a new game, but has that same essense about it that Stardew Valley has.

Next, I’d try Factorio, again different graphic style, but the management and growth system is similar and just as addictive.

The controls are the same and the general idea is to survive, thrive and to build a massive ecosystem that will keep you alive.

Finally, Banished, Basically a shorter, harder version of Stardew, far less forgiving and kind of like an age of empire Mets Stardew Valley.

This is probably the highest-rated gaming list I’ve done, there’s some of the most popular games on this list and all over them are highly addictive, so make sure you game safely as these games have taken hundreds of hours from me (and I enjoyed every second).

I’m sure you’ll find your next video game and if I missed any games that you think should be on this list then please leave them in the comments below, I’ll add them to the list and give you a shout out.

Game safe and have an amazing day!