In this list, you will get the purest games that are most like Rimworld, all of which I’ve tested and played.

This isn’t one of them sucky lists with 2 games that are similar and 10 that have nothing to do with Rimworld.

As someone who has played Rimworld, I know how annoying them types of lists are, so I took a few weeks, did all of my research and finally managed to get this list down to 13 games that really will replace the void Rimworld left behind.

With that, I guess it’s time for us to jump in and begin this epic list.

Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a management, creation and exploration game with some of the hardest controls you must master.

There are lots of similarities in Dwarf Fortress (a 12-year-old game) and Rimworld and this is the game most people will recommend to you once you get tired with Rimworld.

Just be sure to take time, learn the controls and be ready to give a lot of your time to learn this super hard, old-school game.

Did I mention it’s completely free?

I mean strap yourself in and be ready to ask the Dwarf Fortress Subreddit lots of questions about how the hell to play this game and if you want games similar to it then check these alternatives to Dwarf Fortress out.


You’ve seen above what most people will recommend to you after you finish playing Rimworld, but I would like to recommend Factorio.

This real-time strategy management game that started as a crowd-funded project is easily one of the best games ever made.

If you like Rimworld, then Factorio’s game mechanics, controls and progression will come easily to you.

You don’t get over 30 thousand reviews on Steam and maintain an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ score without being an incredible game.

What I really love about Factorio is the ability to advance in the game and how satisfying the progression is, plus it doesn’t take too long to learn.

If you’re looking for more games like Factorio check this awesome list I created.

First Feudal

You could say First Feudal is a Rimworld copy and I think a lot of people would agree with you.

For such a new game, the graphics, game mechanics and controls work flawlessly and it’s different enough from RW where you’ll feel like you’re playing a new game and not just playing a copy of rimworld.

First Feudal starts you off with a small village and it’s your job to build your way up to becoming a medieval feudal lord.

Repel enemies, build strongholds, hide behind your strong walls and attack strategically.

This game is RW if RW was set in a medieval setting.

Prison Architect

Prison Architect (games similar to prison architect) gives you the ability to create and manage your own prison. It sounds simple but it is so much fun.

You get given a certain amount of money and it’s your job to build the best (or worst!) prison, the more people you have inside your prison the more money you make.

The Style of the game and the building style is similar to Rimworld and Prison Architect is personally one of my favorite games on this list, it’s addictive and I’ve spent well over 80 hours playing this game.

Over 25 thousand reviews and still 9/10 on Steam. You just can’t go wrong with this game.

Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen not included (games like Oxygen not included) is a space, survival base building game.

It’s the perfect mix of management, colony growth, fear, and simulation, I can get lost in this space universe for hours at a time.

Everything about this game is similar to Rimworld, down to space, colony creation, base building and survival, the only real difference is Oxygen not included is 2D, personally, this was a nice change for me and it added something RW didn’t have.


In Banished you’re exiled from your village and made to start a new village on your own.

You’re up against extreme conditions and the only way you will survive, maybe even thrive is if you use your resources carefully, take care of your people and build the correct protection from the world.

Grow crops, store food, build defences and protect yourself from the climate of the world while you start your own colony and encourage it to grow.

Be ready to die and restart a lot, also be ready to be hooked within seconds.

If you like the sound of Banished check out these games like it.

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

The apocalypse has arrived and it’s time to gather resources, build your base and start rebuilding civilization.

There are demons all around you and it’s time to fight back and gain back control of your world.

Will you survive? Will you thrive? Will you die instantly?

It’s time to see just how good you would be in a post-apocalyptic world.

Fallout Shelter

I was on the fence about adding Fallout Shelter.

Look I know it’s not the same as Rimworld, but the colony building and resource management gave me the same feel as RW did.

It’s also completely free and for a FREE game, it’s easily one of the must-play games on this list.

The aim of the game?

You get put in control of a state of the art vault, build the perfect vault, keep your followers happy and safe, and protect them from the dangers of the outside world.

22 thousand reviews and still 9/10 on Steam.

Colony Survival

It’s time to build your own colony in this unique first-person voxel world.

Command your people, farmers, miners, guards and other colonists in the war against the horde of monsters that will try and attack every night.

Colony Survival will test you to lead, grow and protect your base. It’s addictive and for a game made by just two people, it’s really awesome.


Lead a group of space dwellers to an unknown planet and establish a base there.

Grow food, collect energy, mine and survive, all while building your space city.

Amazing graphics, intense gameplay and awesome building mechanics.

You can really get lost in space inside of Planetbase and I feel from reading this and checking out the trailer you will understand why it had to be on this list.


Starbound is the ultimate action-adventure game, mixing exploration, building, resource management, crafting and survival all into one polished package.

Starbound is Rimworld if you took out the simulation and allowed you to take control of the main character.

When I say you will get lost in Starbound don’t take my word for it, with over 50 thousand reviews and still a 9/10 score on Steam, you can let others tell you why this game is unreal.

If you get easily addicted to games you might want to avoid this.

You can check out these Starbound alternatives here.


If you were to ignore one game on this list it would be Terraria.

It doesn’t share many core similarities to Rimworld and I’m going to be the first to hold my hand up and say it.

So, why is it on this list?

Well, when I played Terraria a lot of the feelings I had for RW came back to me, they are different games, in different worlds, but the feelings and objectives are the same.

Stay alive, build an epic base, protect yourself and grow a community.

So, ignore it if it’s not for you, but if you want something a little different then I highly recommend you try this game out.


Kenshi is another wild card and is the only game on this list I’m yet to play (will be trying it in the upcoming weeks).

However, a few people recommended it to me after I got bored of RW.

Kenshi is an RPG, free-roaming squad-based RPG. You can become a trader, thief, rebel, warlord or even become food for the cannibals that roam the world.

Think Mad Max meets Rimworld.

Crafting, building and researching are needed to build the best, most secure base.

I’m excited to try this game out, let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Which Game Is Most Like Rimworld?

So, if I was you I would start with Factorio, this will quickly fill the void and is easily one of the most addictive games on this list.

Then, if you want something a little different, but along the same lines I’d try Starbound, it’s one of the best games ever created.

It’s not exactly the same as RW, but if we’re honest you aren’t looking for a clone, you’re looking for something different with the same features and that’s what Starbound is.

Finally, if you want a mirror experiences then try First Feudal and then if you want similar game mechanics in a very different environment try Prison architect.

I put lots of energy into creating this article, I wanted it to actually help people looking for a new game and I hope it did just that.

If you have any recommendations of games like Rimworld then leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to the article.

Remember if you would like to game with me send me a message, I play Dead by daylight, Overwatch, Rust and GTA (currently) on PS4 and PC. Hit me up to appear in one of my YouTube videos.

Have an epic day!


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