Banished is an amazing micromanagement strategy game where you build your own town from nothing. I love banished and so do so many other gamers.

If you’re into strategy, micromanagement, city building, survival and management games then you will love the list below full of all types of games similar to banished. Some are really similar, some just have the same idea but you will love at least one of them!

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Age Of Empires

Of course, I had to start with the classic ‘Age of empires’. When I was young this game was everything and if you haven’t played it, you weren’t cool. Luckily, times have moved on but i do urge you to give age of empires a go if you have never heard of it. It’s a medieval strategy game that offers years of fun.

Build, challenge, fight and discover in this classic strategic game.

Like this game? You can see games just like age of empires (even better).


It’s 2205 and you join the human race in re-building and re-structuring earth making it a better, more powerful and prominent place to live.

Build huge cities, bustling industrial complexes and discover huge breakthroughs in science. It’s a great game with a lot of potentials and if you enjoy sci-fi, city building and strategy games you will love it.

Cities: Skyline

This game is fantastic. When i bought this game I never knew how much I would love it, especially when i read up on people having real difficulties with the electricity (yes you can even place your own electricity towers). It’s actually really easy and it only takes a few goes to get it right.

Cities: Skylines gives you the ability to build whatever you want and however you want. When you’re zoomed in the graphics are so satisfying and one of the best city building games I have ever played. Enjoy building schools, hospitals, housing, work for your people, busy highways, train lines, bus routes and so much more.


Trade, explore, exploit, set laws and rules and most of all build however you want in Tropico. This game is a lot more intense than cities: skylines it has a lot more trade deals, citizen happiness and overall dictatorship elements.

Something I love about it is the fact that you can play multiplayer which is a huge thing for strategy/city building games.


Not everyone is a huge fan of the graphics on Rimworld (games similar to Rimworld) but if you like them then you love them soon enough.

Rimworld is a sci-fi colony, you manage your colony’s moods, needs and more. You build, decorate, trade, capture refugees, fight other colonies and pirates, have pets and more.

It’s a really popular game and really rewarding and satisfying to play just like banished.


Factorio (Factorio alternatives) is a game about building and creating any kind of structure your imagination can conjure up all within a 2D world.

Build and maintain factories, begin starting slowly by mining, chopping trees and then move on to becoming an industrial prodigy. Oh, you will also have to fight against people that don’t like you using up the earth’s resources to fuel your imagination and machines.

Stronghold HD

Stronghold Crusader 2 is a fast-paced, medieval, strategy based, castle simulation game. Manage your desert economy and lead your troops into battle and use unique new fighting techniques such as the sworm of locusts.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, you must make your soldiers the best, train them up and make them masters of their trades. You can even battle online against other players to test your skills!

If you enjoyed any of the older stronghold games, you will love this one that was updated and released in 2014.

Company Of Heroes

Company of heroes 2 is a game a lot like stronghold. It’s a great WWII RTS platform that you can spend hours enjoying. Fight against enemies, train up your soldiers and be the best out there in this strategy, multiplayer, tactical game.

Empire Earth 2

Although this game is quite old now, it’s still a favorite among banished players and lots of gamers do compare the two.

In this game you are able to play three different campaigns, improve your civilization and leading your people to greatness. Despite it being made in 2005 it’s still vastly popular.


To play this game you do need the base game but you will be able to find that through the website i find all of my cheap games by clicking the link below.

However, if you already have the game then you need to check out ‘The Cossacks’. It focuses on hoarders and being able to plunder your neighbors in order to keep your people loyal and to gain power and technology. You get more control and power over the people and cultures on your land.

Folk Tale

Folk tale is a single player, fantasy village builder game. You start with nothing just like in Banished and you must build up your town by recruiting, exploring, looting and fighting.

Build your own village and economy, defend your village, craft resources and much more in folk tale.


In this city builder, guide your group of space people on to a remote planet and try and re-establish life and build up your space economy.

Grow food, survive, build your self-sufficient colony on this planet with unforgiving disasters and events.

You tell your colonists where and what to build, whilst also supplying food, oxygen and water otherwise you will all die. There are four different planets on which you can build and all have varying difficulties and problems to overcome.

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

Your base is in a post-apocalyptic location where demons are constantly trying to ruin your life and your village. Build, manage and defend your homeland all whilst trying to be the best leade there ever was.

Survive by gathering resources, crafting vital components, scavenge and defend. TThere are lots to explore and a lot of gameplay offered to you.

Rise of Nations

A  real-time strategy game that spans all history and reminds me a lot of age of empires mixed a little banished.

Start in the ancient age with virtually nothing, you must gather resources, craft and build wonders from around the world. There’s 18 different nations all with different abilities, skills and building techniques.

There’s so much to do in rise of nations that you will never find yourself bored.

I love strategy games, I’m a gaming addicted and strategy games take the prize for the games I’m most addicted too.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and I’d love to know what games you love, so leave them in the comments below and let’s have a talk about games.