H1ZI is an open-world zombie survival game, it’s still in early access so some people hate it and some people love it.

You can scavenge, loot, hunt and try and survival by killing zombies and avoiding other fellow humans.

Luckily, there are a few games like H1Z1 and today I have found the best and made this top 15 list for you to check out. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave in the comment section below so others can see your favorite games.


Where do I start with Rust? it’s a cut-throat, resourceful, frustrating, open-world game that puts even the most patient people to the test.

Start as a ‘naked’ and explore the servers as you craft and build your own base. There are no zombies but there are other humans who are usually not very friendly and will try and kill and loot you.

The game is so simple but there’s something so fun about it, meeting nice people is a really good thing in the game, fighting off hostile clans, building an epic impenetrable base and generally doing anything you want!

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Ark Survival evolved (similar games like ark) is an epic open-world game but this time it’s not just open, vast worlds there’s dinosaurs to contend with and other primeval creatures.

Hunt, loot, craft, build, be resourceful and make sure you don’t die by growing food, drinking water and keeping warm.

The graphics are incredible and really take you back in time. Create a tribe with friends, play solo and mingle with other players who are fighting off death. It’s an amazing game that any H1Z1 player will love.


Hurtworld is quite like rust, it’s a non-forgiving survival, open-world game. It doesn’t go easy on you and tries to throw everything in your way to ensure that you don’t make it through each day lightly.

Build a hut or a fully fledged city, craft weapons in order to keep yourself safe and able to hunt, everything in this world is affected by the day/night cycle, the elements and where you are.

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7 Days To Die

7 days to die is a well-loved game for everyone who loves the open-world, survival genre. It’s scary with its zombies who are just waiting to kill you, humans that can be hostile, weather conditions and everything else thrown in.

Farm, hunt, survive, fight, compete, work together, tower defense, fps features, drive vehicles and more. This game is so good and number 1 on this list for anyone looking for something actually better than H1Z1.

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This game is pretty intense. It’s a ‘last man standing’ type game where players must fight and become the sole survivor on the map.

Filled with action, intense moments and a drive to be the best player in there, you will love this game, so long as you love having anxiety every time you hear a slight noise in the distance.

Left 4 Dead

TLeft 4 Dead (More games like left 4 dead) is filled with zombies galore, where you must fight your way through each level and map by taking on hordes of hungry zombies, scary witches and hard to fight creatures.

Play solo with three ‘computer’ characters or invite friends into the game and take to the map with the hopes of all coming out alive.

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No More Room in Hell

No more room in hell is a free to play game (woo!). It has an intense dark atmosphere inside a sullen city where you must fight for survival amongst this desolate, zombie-filled terrifying world. Be bitten and keep it a secret from your teammates? walk too far and disconnect from them to find yourself alone? defend your base against threats? sounds good to me!

Killing Floor

Killing floor 2 is a wave-based zombie game. Fight against hordes of zombies that only get worse and increase in numbers the more waves you complete.

It’s a pretty intense game, especially if you’re playing solo!

If you can make it to the last level, you and your online teammates must try and defeat the big boss, unless he kills you all first.

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Another free to play game is unturned. It has a Minecraft style to it, which a lot of users love. Survive this zombie-infested sandbox game where you must scavenge, build a base, explore, play pVp and even team up with other survivors.

Zombie Army Trilogy

Kill crazy nazi zombies in this co-op, world war II environment. Play three incredible campaigns and 15 missions, play solo or online and enjoy every satisfying moment of this game.

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Fallen earth is free to play but there are DLC’s and packages that you can pay for.

It’s 2156 and the world has been utterly destroyed. You must now try and survive in this world that has been taken by nuclear war and is nothing like you remember. Explore the land, fight and even sell the things you scavenge.

There’s a huge community behind fallen earth, it’s a really realistic and immersive open-world game that has put a huge spin on the normal maps and characters.

Dying Light

Dying light (games similar to dying light) mixes zombie killing, an epic story, exploration and parkour together to make a really enjoyable game.

The graphics are awesome, the story is really gripping, learning parkour and running across rooftops to get away from zombies is so intense and at night they get faster and stronger.

The story is one so many people rave about, it always has something for you to do. It can be fighting off enemies, killing zombies, saving someone, taking messages to someone, hooking up explosives…the list really does go on.

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DayZ is still in early access so it’s still being tweaked and perfected. But for now it’s a pretty good game.

The game is gritty and really quite realistic, explore the land and survive solo or team up with other players or friends in order to survive. There are no second chances in this game, when you die you are dead and must start again.

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Contagion is zombie survival game with a twist. Every time you play the scenario will change, the paths, floor, houses and surrounding areas will be different.

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Try to survive in a world where it’s not just zombies hunting you but it’s also other players and mother nature.

The graphics are amazing, the other players are ruthless and it’s a wonderful survival game that i really recommend you checking out.

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