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Cheapest Place To Buy Rust

Rust is a crazy survival based game. It’s all online and you must live among other players who are usually not to be trusted. Build your base, collect materials, loot, craft, hunt and explore inside Rust just try to avoid people, bears, wolves and the dark.

The graphics aren’t amazing but the whole concept of the game makes up for them, I personally feel like if the game had jaw dropping graphics, it wouldn’t be as good.

I have been so addicted to rust lately and it becomes an even bette game the more you find special items and get the ability to make weapons and really protect your base.

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Overview of Rust

The aim of the game is so survive, build an epic base and hopefully not get raided. It may seem simple but it is truly addicitve and seriously great fun.

You start off as a ‘naked’ at the spawn point where you can either explore, meet others or just get on and build your base. You start with a simple rock and a torch and must eventually upgrade these tools, as once you get a pickaxe to collect stones and an axe to farm wood, you get so much more from the tree and the rock that you can build your base quicker.

If you’re in a cold area, you will need clothes quickly before you freeze to death. You collect hemp from nearby trees and eventually you will be able to warm up.

You learn the game the more you play, when I first joined first I was pretty hopeless and couldn’t understand why my wood base would get looted.

Inside the game you are constantly on edge (well I am) waiting to get raided by an army of players with guns, or even thinking about a bear running in and killing you, which is possible.

I do recommend using a mic with this game as this is the best way to talk to other players, either to tell them you’re not going to kill them or just to chat in general, but you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to, it doesn’t affect the game.

How To Build Your First Base

Building your first base is the hardest. As I mentioned before, using your first rock to collect stones and wood is hard and takes a lot longer, you need to eventually upgrade to an axe and a pickaxe so that you can get a lot more from the items.

Also try not to build your base near the spawn point or you will have constant visitors and it will get annoying. If you’re going to build near other houses, make sure to build quickly and as soon as you can upgrade your walls, your door and your lock, the safer you will be.

Before you even begin you need to make paper to make a blueprint, this is something I never knew so hopefully it helps you.

Having two of you is so much easier as stuff gets done a lot quicker and you’re usually safer in a pair. However, it can be hard to find the right naked to pair up with!

If your base is made of wood, you can be looted easily. However, it’s hard to collect enough stones at first so, make a few beds and put one in your base and one outside and near to your base so that if you die you can always find your home.

The video next to this goes in to great detail about building your first base so i recommend you check that out.

Crazy Rust Base Raid

Base raiding is a normal occurence on Rust, it can be so annoying, especially when you have worked so hard but it is what people do you just have to be prepared and make your base as hard as possible to get in to.

Usually big clans will only go for big clans but there are just normal gangs of players that will loot and go after anyone. These can be fun to watch on Youtube but when it happens to you, it’s so scary and frustrating.

The best way to avoid being raided is to not draw too much attention to your base, especially if you’re playing solo. You also need to make sure your base is properly protected, doors, stone walls, metal walls, fake loot rooms and building up are all detterents.

The video next to this text is of a crazy rust base raid and you will see just how intense it gets and how scary these clans can be.

Games Like Rust

I have made a list on the best survival games that you should check out if you’re in to survival and open world gaming. They aren’t all extremely similar to Rust but they do have some ties and often if you like survival games, you like pretty much anything that gets your heart racing.

Soon I will be releasing a whole list dedicated to games just like Rust so check back for that one if you’re really looking for something that is rust but isn’t rust.

Cheapest Place To Buy Rust:

Usually I can buy a game and regret paying a fortune for something that takes up a ton of space and isn’t as good as I thought it was going to be but Rust was different.

I have put so many hours in and don’t regret a single one. For the price I paid it was so worth it and has given me so much pleasure,

The place I bought it on PC is below, it’s the best price I could find and it just allows you to pay the right price for the game and it usually makes the game better knowing you haven’t just spent a ton of cash.