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Compare Prices of Killing Floor 2

The sequel to the original killing floor, this upgraded version did not dissapoint. Play with 5 other players and descend in to absolute chaos as you take out scary, crazy and blood thirsty zombies.

The zombies are a lot quicker in killing floor 2, a lot more gorey and they do more damage. The graphics are even better and the whole game just has a new feel.

It’s an amazing game of zombie killing, where you upgrade your guns each round and work as a team to take out the boss in the final round.

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Overview of Killing Floor 2

It’s one of them games that you couldn’t hate. It’s intense, hands on and can get a little scary at times, especially if you’re cornered by zombies and have little to no bullets left.

You’re a special agent that must take out these creatures with 5 other players, the rounds start easy enough but they progressively get harder and harder until the final round where every one just has to spray bullets to defeat the big boss.

The more zombies you kill, the more ‘cash’ you get. You spend this cash in the little shop between each round and upgrade your weapons, buy bullets and you can even give the money away to help other players who maybe need it.

There’s also an added mode in this killing floor where you can now play as a zombie against 12 other players. I prefer playing the 6 player rounds personally but being a zombie is really great fun and you can really nibble some satisfying chunks out of players.



How To Kill At Killing Floor 2

It’s a pretty easy game to master but that doesn’t mean it isn’t intense or challenging. I have found to be the best you just can’t panic, don’t back yourself in to a corner, don’t seperate to far from your teamates and don’t forget about the zombies that you can’t see, like the ones that are shaped like giant spiders.

If you don’t all work as a team, you will never defeat the final boss. You need at least 3 people shooting and taking hits to be able to take each boss out.

Upgrade your gun! It may seem like the shop is too far to get to, but you have time and you need to really progress in each round. You can request cash and other players will happily give it away for you to be able to stay with them until the end.

Make sure to watch the video next to this text as it does give you some pretty awesome tips on how to survive, how to win and how to defeat these creatures.

Fun You Can Have In Killing Floor 2

Killing floor 2 is packed full of fun, you cannot even have a conversation when playing because it is just too crazy and one wrong move and you’re a goner.

However, there are things you can do to really test your skills and make your heart race even more.

Try backing yourself in to a corner (a big no no) and see how long you can withstand the hoard and see if you can actually fend off the monsters.

Do as well as possibly can and upgrade to the best gun there is, see the difference in makes and watch as you blast zombie guts around the map.

This is a terrible move but if you stray far from your group in the final round, the chances are the big boss will spawn near you and come for you. See if you can beat the boss yourself or even just watch as your teamates panic and run around looking for you in the final round.

Check out the video next to this text to see some other things people have done inside killing floor 2, you may find some inspiration of your own!

Games Like Killing Floor 2

A few months back I was obsessed with killing floor 2, I do this a lot with games and tend to become addicted for a few weeks until moving on but whilst I was constantly playing I found myself thinking about other FPS zombies games and made a list on the best similar zombie games to killing floor 2. 

Some of these games only have zombies or some of them actually reminded me of killing floor 2 so be sure to check it out if you are in to zombie killing or if you even just enjoy finding new games to play.

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