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Compare Prices of Doom

Doom is a relentless FPS, action, shooter game where you must destroy these scary unearthly demons and alien like creatures that are trying to kill you.

Enjoy multiplayer modes, deathmatches and single player with doom.

This game is incredibly intense and crazy, you kill one demon and find another 10 running towards you. Winning the rounds are so satisfying and killing the scary creatures is an even better feeling.

In multiplayer you also can play a mode where you kill each other rather than demons, using your skills, weapons, power and vertical movements. You are also given the ability to be able to play as a demon.

You can even create your own maps, game mode and gameplay which is a great addition to the game as it allows you play it however you want.

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Overview of Doom

Doom is wonderfully optomized, easy to play but still intense and thrilling in every round. You have so many weapons to choose from and all of them are fantastic at taking out these creepy, scary demons with ease.

If you enjoy fast paced, first person combat, amazing graphics, beautiful soundtrack, an array of weapons to choose from and kicking the life out of demons then this game will a million per cent suit you and your needs.

There’s loads to explore on each level in hell, you just need to go looking and you will find things and spaces that most players don’t find or venture too.

If you loved the original doom, you will love this version. It’s taken everything that was great about the first and made it moder, updated the graphics, impressed everyone by the gameplay and just turned it in to another amazing game that will be loved for years and years.

Evolution Of Doom

If you played the original doom, knew of it or even just find yourself interested in where this amazing game stemmed from then i recommend you checking out this video.

It shows you exactly where it all started, how it all started and what’s been going on since. It really is worth the watch, especially if you’re a fan of the classic!

Fun You Can Have In Doom

Killing demons, taking out other players, flying around vertically, having an array of weapons, being a total badass and taking out your daily frustrations on these horrible creatures is just the beginnig with doom

It’s one of them games that you find yourself just loading up and playing every day after work without a second thought.

Make sure to check out the video I have left next to this text to see some of best kills and funny events that occur in doom. There’s loads of videos like this one so if you need inspiration, want to get yourself excited whilst the game downloads or even just want to see what the fuss is about make sure to watch it.

Games Like Doom

Doom in my mind has a few games that bare some similaries to it, one of them being killing floor 2. The Game isn’t too similar in itself but it does have that seem feel as doom and the same fast paced, first person shooter, except instead of demons this time its blood thirsty scary zombies.

I did also mention doom on my list of: Best FPS Games Of All Time so if you are a fan of FPS and don’t mind about the setting, make sure you check out that list because you may find a game you love.

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