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Cheapest Place To Buy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CSGO: Global offensive is an updated version of the classic we all know and love. With its new graphics, new maps, weapons and characters.

This huge online multiplayer game is so popular is still going strong after all of these years. The community isn’t the best but not something a little mute button can’t solve.

CSGO is a really competitive game and super addicitve to play. The more you play the more you understand the way it works and how to increase your skill when killing opponents.

The aim of the game is to play online against a team of other players where you then must work as a team and diffuse a bomb, set off a bomb, save a hostage and buy weapons and upgrading your weapondry with the points you earn.

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Overview of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I love the skill and planning it takes to win this game. You really need to learn the maps and second guess the other players in order to get ahead and win each round.

CSGO is one of the games that just works, it’s been around for over a decade and the community is still packed full of people. The graphics aren’t anything out of this world but the way the game grabs you and hooks you, is like nothing I have ever seen before.

Killing other players and working with the bomb as a team really does something to you, it becomes addictive but in a fun way.

Playing as either a terrorist or a counter terrorist really does something to a person that makes them to win a round more than they have wanted anything before.

I personally feel like CSGO is like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege but with more players, lower graphics and an overall better gameplay experience.

How To: Counter-Strike Global Offensive

I briefly mention before that the community is a little toxic, I am not sure how it became like this but it is and there’s not much us normal gamers can do. However, going in to the game with a little prior knowledge is never a bad thing and will give you an upper hand.

I recommend watching some youtube videos, going in to forums and searching for tips and tricks that newbie CSGO players can use as soon as they enter a game for the first few times.

Of course no matter what you are never going to be amazing as soon as you walk in but if you just have a little confidence and a trick up your sleeve, it won’t be a wasted round and you may even get a kill.

Fun You Can Have In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Because this game is so fast paced and does contain a learning curve, you will have some funny moments along the way. Mostly people rage quiting because of your stupidity, but that’s all part of counter strike.

There’s also some really hilarious trolling videos online that i seriously recommend you watching, especially if you are mad at the game or just like to wind people up yourself.

Playing with friends can also be so funny so if you do have a friend with this game, try it out and watch as the laughter erupts between you.

Games Like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I don’t have a whole list dedicated to Counter-strike at this present moment but i do have a list dedicated to battlefield 1 and games that are similar. The reason I am including this list is because battlefield has the same strategy based elements, the same open map, an online multiplayer community and FPS shooter.

So if you’re looking for something a little similar with the same kind of features check this guide out: Games Similar To Battlefield 1  

Cheapest Place To Buy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

Nobody likes paying full price, especially for such an old game. I will admit it’s a great game but it is old.

I did so much searching online and came across a pretty brilliant price on CS:GO that I have left below for you to check out. I hope it helps you save some money, remember you never have to pay full price there is always someone out there cheaper!