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Compare Prices of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s rainbow six siege keeps you constantly on edge. To keep it short and simple you play from a choice of crazy, super skilled, super trained individuals who must either defend a hostage, a bomb or a bio hazard container by protecting the room they are in and taking out the attackers or you play as an attacker and you must diffuse the bomb, rescue the hostage or diffuse the bio hazard container.

You play 5 vs 5 in a competitive online mode. There’s an array of maps you are randomly placed on and you have no idea what the other team are up to or where they are, unless you can use your drones or cameras to work it out.

It’s really great fun and really challenging but so rewarding if you get that win.

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Overview of Tom Clancy’s Rainbox Six Siege

The aim of the game as an attacker is to take out the other team or skillfully work as a team to diffuse the bomb, rescue the hostage or diffuse the bio hazard container or if you’re playing as a defender you must secure the room and prevent any access to any of these things by the attackers.

It may not seem like a lot to do but trust me, this game is so addicting and when you start getting kills and getting better as a player, you will be absolutely hooked.

Each player you unlock has a different set of skills, different guns and different gadgets. For example ‘Twitch’ has a drone that electrocutes the other players, you just have to get good at getting her drone in without getting spotted. Another player, ‘Fuze’ has a gadget that you place on breakable surfaces, such as windows, and you let out a shower of bombs that usually kill a few of the other team members.

The community is a little toxic but i just mute the chat and the other players mics and that way i can have really good fun without my life being threatened.

How To Win In Rainbox Six Siege

Obviously practice makes perfect in games like this one. Knowing the maps is a great help because you are most likely to know the other players spawn point, where drones are coming in and most importantly where the cameras are.

Another tip on how to win rainbow six siege is headshots. Getting a headshot is an instant kill and can most likely win you the game. Make sure to aim your gun at where you think the opponents head is going to be, this makes your shot more accurate and eventually you will never second guess yourself.

Use yours and your teamates gadgets. If you have Thermite or sledge, use their gadgets and tools to break walls that usually can’t be broken by other players (Castles walls are the worst). Use Montage to your advantage, walk in behind him as his shield takes so much damage and whilst the other team is distracted you can get them sweet headshots.

Use Valkyeries cameras to win the game by putting them in key locations, such as doorways and even outside, if you can get out their in time.

I play R6S on the lowest settings so that the game loads even half a second quicker than everyone else’s. That way kills, damage and surprise attacks are easier because I appear before them.

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Cheapest Place To Buy Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

RS6 can be a little pricey when it’s not on deal and if you’re buying it through game stores that usually offer little to no money off.

I found Tom Clancy for a really great price and I wanted to share it with you so that you too can enjoy it without feeling guilty for spending the money. I have left the links to the prices below, I hope it helps!


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