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Compare Prices Of LEGO Worlds

This game is for those looking to create, explore, build and discover. It has the same kind of feel and minecraft where you can build absolutely anything except for this time its made out of lego.

Lego world has an open enviroment that you can explore via helicopter, dragons, motorbikes and more. You can literally do anything inside this game, from building the best home ever to interacting with creatures and another player and working together to create anything with lego bricks.

I loved minecraft and i love games that allow you to just run free and do whatever you want to do and this open world game is just that.

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Overview of LEGO Worlds

The graphics of this game are great, they really couldn’t get much better. You also get to explore and discover new lands from the world go as you discover hidden treasures and complete little missions to progress as a character and progress in the game.

Something myself and other lego world players love is that the game doesn’t really get boring because you have to work hard to get the hidden bricks by interacting with characters, performing taks or missions and working to get given special items that will help you build.

The fact that the game doesn’t just give you everything is a huge bonus and really gives you an insentive to play and progress.

Most people say that lego worlds is like minecraft but a lot more as there’s more drive to build things and become the master builder. It’s also not as lonely as minecraft as you do run in to characters quite a lot and interact.

LEGO Worlds Montage

I love seeing the things people can create, I do this is all games where there’s base building aspects. Games like Rust, Sim city and lego worlds all do this to me and i love to spend a while just checking out other people’s bases and seeing where there imagination took them.

I have left a video that shows you a huge lego worlds montage but if you don’t like that there are plenty more on youtube that you can check out, smaller homes, smaller worlds, bigger worlds and crazy automobiles.

Games Like LEGO Worlds

There’s a few games that come to mind when I thinking lego worlds and the first is of course Minecraft. It has so many of the same open world, base building similarities that it would be rude not to mention it.

I do have another list of games but this list is dedicated to the sims and games like the sims. In this case it’s not that lego worlds reminds me of the sims but the graphics, style, base building and exploration aspect does so i thought i would leave it here for that reason.

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