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Cheapest Place To Buy The Witcher 3

If you’re in to open-world roleplaying,fantasy universes, hunting and crazy elements to survive then this game is for you.

The witcher 3 is extremely popular among open world roleplaying gaming fantatics and it’s really easy to see why. The story is great and in general it’s like a much better version of Skyrim.

Every choice you make has a consequence and it just makes the game even more unique and has some extremely positive feedback from gamers around the globe. Some even claiming it’s the best game to ever be invented in this genre.

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Overview of The Witcher 3

This game is story driven but you still get to explore the open world all the while being a total badass inside this fantasy universe.

You play a monster hunter who must find a child of prophecy. It sounds simple enough but in reality it’s super challenging as you must explore the vast lands, tackling obstacles and dangerous lands.

Hunt, kill and craft to the be the best and to complete the story without being killed and progressing inside the game.

The weather also affects how citizens and monsters behave which is a nice addition to the game. You define your destiny and you make your own decisions.

It’s scary, dangerous, challenging but oh so satisfying when you complete missions and take down fantastic leaders and hell bent rulers.

Things To Do In The Witcher 3

Hunt, upgrade, survive, kill and explore inside the witcher 3. The universe it is set in is so different and so much more magical than any normal survival based game.

Exploring is one of my favorite things to do in this game, you can find so many interesting things, people and objects, when exploring you do meet crazy stories along the way, you can make deals with witches and other evil people and face consequences.

There’s so much to do in this game, you just have to go out there and find it. There’s rarely a  dull moment but if you ever do find yourself in a time of need, try watching videos, reading blogs and talking to other people and you may find yourself with a new twist on this awesome game.

Tips And Tricks To Kill It In The Witcher

I have left a video for you to check out that contains some of the best tips on being the best at the witcher. Some things you just learn naturally and other things are just secret little tips that people are willing to share.

Rememebr if you ever have something amazing, share it! It really encourages people to keep on playing and can make someones experience a lot better.

Also, if you ever want to find some new tips for yourself just search for them. There’s hundreds of people out there with this sacred information that you really should check out.

Games Like The Witcher

I haven’t got an article dedicated to the witcher and the games similar to it, I found that it’s just too much of a broad game that not many games could compare to so i took its open world aspect and made a list on the best open world games that I enjoy playing.

You can check it out here: The Best Open World Games

Chances are that if you enjoy open world gaming, you will enjoy at least one of the games on that list.

Cheapest Place To Buy The Witcher:

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