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Cheapest Place To Buy World of Warcraft

This giant online multiplayer roleplaying game has been one of the most popular games ever since 2004. People are so serious about this game and some even strive to be the best, earn real money and dedicate their lives to it.

I am one of them players that comes and goes, however I know some people never really leave because they love it so much and that’s just one of the reasons it’s still such a popular, booming community over a decade later.

You control an avatar inside this fantasy world full of sorts of magic, monsters, other players and more.

There’s four different types of realms that you can play and I will explain more about these below because each differ and each gamer has their preffered realm as it does alter the way you play the game.

The graphics aren’t anything mind blowing but this community is so massive that there would be no point in making it better because it’s perfectly fine as it is.

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Overview of World of Warcraft

World of warcraft or better known online as WoW has a huge community of players that are dedicated to this game and have done for years and years but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for newbis, because there is. The maps are huge and there really is always demand for new, inexperienced players.

As I mentioned before there’s four different realms you can go in to:

  • The normal mode where you defeat monsters, you play against the enviroment, complete quests, fights against other players must be agreed upon and roleplaying is only an option.
  • You do all of the above but combat against other players is just the given and you can attack at any time.
  • The third is a mixture of the above where the players roleyplay in character.
  • This last realm is a mix of the second option with added roleplay and fighting is just the way to live.

This may all sound confusing if you have never played WoW but i can assure you once you get the hang of it, you really will be using all of the terms like one of the professionals.

The more you progress inside the game, the more skills you accquire. You must go either of two ways where your characters talents are concerned.

Trolling In World of Warcraft

In every game in the history of ever trolls have been prevalent, you yourself may have even been the troll without even knowing it. Annoying innocent players with friends or even just doing things when you are bored that may inconvenience other players.

This of course is a very tame example of a troll and they do get much worse, especially now in this cyber online world where you can make a quick buck doing hilarious videos in this most popular games.

World Of Warcraft isn’t without its fair share of trolls and if we are honest, if they aren’t bothering you, it can be pretty funny. You should watch the video I have left next to this text, it should make you smirk.

Fun You Can Have In World of Warcraft

There’s tons to do in this open world game and that’s why its still so popular however, if you are looking for some more alternative things to do I have a little list below.

  • Level up your characters profession.
  • Go fishing and more than likely you will find tons of gold.
  • Achieve the exploration achievements.
  • Low level quests.
  • Enjoy expansions.
  • Go on to the WoW forums to discover new things and meet people

Games Like World of Warcraft

Whatever I say here may not do world of warcraft justice, it’s such a classic game and it is out there with one of the most popular, longest running online games in history.

There’s not too much than can compete but I did make a list on the best open world games and although some may argue that WoW isn’t open world as we know it, it’s the closest thing I could find in some of my other favorite games that were a little similar to WoW. If that’s not enough you could also check out my favorite survival games. 

Cheapest Place To World Of Warcraft:

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