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Cheapest Place To Buy Far Cry 4

Far cry 4 is like far cry 3 but with much better graphics and everything is amplified and looks and plays so much better.

In far cry 4 you explore, you hunt, you follow the story and you meet some really likeable bad guys at times. There’s always something or someone waiting for you but you can put all of that on pause for a while every now and again whilst you explore this open crazy world where virtually anything can hunted and killed.

There’s a diverse arsenal to choose from and you can pick your weapon before each fight, which is a lot of fun. Spy on enemies from the sky, fight, ride elephants and meet so many people, far cry 4 is an amazing action filled story game.

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Overview of Far Cry 4

Go to war, fight for the rebels and get mixed up in this scary civil war. The land of Kyrat is packed full of wildlife, people, lands to explore and things for you to do.

Something far cry 4 fans love is the multiplayer option, you now have the ability to allow a friend to drop in or out at any point, which is great fun and can be really good help in some of them tougher missions.

I love the graphics of this game, it really brings it all to life and with the unpredictable action packed story, this is someting that really deserves recognition as it really helps you to connect to the game in a different way.

Aside from the thrilling story, you are free to roam and explore the open world map. Hike up mountains to find spectacular views, hunt any animal (leopards, rhinos,black eagles…) and fly around in a wing suit.

I think it’s an amazing game and i would recommend it to any gamer who enjoys open world, combat, gun fights, hunting, story modes, multiplayer options and dangerous missions.

What You Can Do In Far Cry 4

There’s so much to do in far cry 4 that it’s ridiculous. Aside from following the story and embarking on absolutely crazy missions and divulging in to a world of scary people and leaders, you are free to roam and enjoy the Kyrat for the nice land that it once was.

If you’re looking for actual things you can do inside the game i do recommend watching the video i have left as it will give you some pointers. There’s also a ton of other videos that you can check out on Youtube that will give you tips, ideas and inspiration for each and every time that you play this epic game.

Games Like Far Cry 4

I have yet to found a game that gives me the same feelings that far cry 4 does. The characters have a lot of progression and some are genuinely likeable, the story is fantastic and the overall graphics and game in general is just one of a kind so it was hard to find any games that i thought could relate.

For now i don’t actually have a list outlining the games that i think are similar to fallout by i do have a list of games that are similar to fallout. I know these two games aren’t exactly on the same level but the games in that list do have some similarities to far cry and i do recommend you checking it out if you have a few minutes: Games Similar To Fallout 4

Cheapest Place To Buy Far Cry 4:

Nobody likes paying full price for a game and luckily for us far cry 4 often goes on sale, it’s a popular game and it is not that new that means we get sweet discounts, offers and deals on this game virtually all year round.

Finding far cry 4 for a bargain price was not hard and i have left a link to the best price to buy it below so that you can save money, time and energy.