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Best Place To Buy Dead Rising 4

Dead rising 4 is an action packed, open world, zombie filled game. Follow the story of Frank as you must learn how to fight the undead, survive and enjoy the co-op 4 player mode.

It’s an open world sandbox game where players can explore this vast land but not relax too much as they msut fight to survive and face zombies, every single day.

There’s loads to do, missions to accomplish and places to explore so it should never feel time consuming or boring to play.

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Overview of Dead Rising 4

If you love it or hate it’s hard not to admit that the game itself is pretty awesome. Surviving, killing zombies, exploring and completing missions is light hearted and good fun.

Zombie killing with weapons and vehicles is a reality in dead rising 4. You do all of that whilst exploring and doing missions, its a great way to left off steam, especially when a giant hoarde of blood thirsty zombies are coming your way and you must use your weapons and skill to take them out.

There’s a vast gameplay area with plenty to see, experience and do. My best advice would be to go in their with no expectations, don’t assume it will be like number 3 just play the game for what it is and you will see how simply enjoyable it is.

How To Own Zombies In Dead Rising 4

In can be a little difficult to grasp dead rising 4 at first and you will find you may need a few tips and tricks behind you in order not to die or get eaten by a hoarde of zombies.

I have left this video next to this text for you to check out. It has some great zombies kills and really allows you to get pumped up and wanting to kill some zombies for yourself.

It’s also worth doing some of your own research and seeing what other advice people are giving, sometimes little tips and tricks are the best and allow you advance and progress quicker as a newbie.

Fun You Can Have In Dead Rising 4

There’s loads to do in dead rising 4, the sanbox open world allows you to explore malls, stores, homes and loads more.

Killing zombies and surviving is the aim of the game for me but really there’s loads you can do from getting vehicles and flying through zombie hoardes to doing a death run with friends and seeing who doesn’t make it back.

You should check out this funny video i have left, it is hilarious and shows you some weird little derp moments.

Games Like Dead Rising 4

Unfortunately I am still working on my list of games that are like dead rising 4. The only two lists i can strongly suggest you checking out if you are in to dead rising or games similar to it are these:

20 Of The Greatest Zombie Games and The Best Open World Games

The games on these two lists do vary and not all are exactly like dead rising 4 but all have some of the same elements, the same feel, zombies, open world and fun.

Cheapest Place To Buy Dead Rising 4:

Buying dead rising 4 in a store will cost you a fortune and I always say to people to shop around online because you will get a better deal if you know where to look.

I have found dead rising 4 for an incredible price and left with our price finder below. By clicking your preferred console it will take you directly to the best price on the web.