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Cheapest Place To Buy Gears of War 4

A third-person shooter game with added amazing ways to fight off and kill enemies. You’re able to play gears of war 4 in multiplayer or single player mode so you can enjoy it alone or with friends.

There’s a huge threat to humanitys survival and we’re amidst all of it. Fight your life, protect what is yours and enjoy this intense shooter game.

The visuals in this game are outstanding and if you were a fan of the first installements of gears of war you are going to adore this new and improved version.

Multiplayer in this game is loved so hard by gamers around the globe and you will see once you step in to it. The enemies are bigger and better than we remember and the overall campaign is great, the story is compelling and fast paced as is the game.

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Overview of Gears of War 4

There’s always updates for gears of war 4 which I really like because it means its constantly improving and the developers are listening to the gamers and making it work for everyone.

I have to mention again the visuals of this game, they are so well done and bring the whole chilling, scary, apocalypse vibe to life. Along with the insane weather changer, that alone makes this game worth playing.

The best way to get a real feel for this game is to watch the trailer and get your own opinion. I am slightly biased because i did enjoy it and i do think it’s great and so i don’t think it’s fair for me to sway your opinion without you seeing the trailer and seeing how awesome it is for yourself.

How To Kill At Gears of War 4

This video mentions loads of helpful and uselful tips for you to use when playing gears of war, i do suggest watching it when you get a second because it shows you some pretty nifty techniques and secret abilities in the game that otherwise would be unheard of, especially for a newbie player.

There’s loads of videos like this one so be sure to check them out whenever you can, especially before playing the game as they will give you a slight upper hand and a little more confidence if it’s your first time playing multiplayer.

Fun You Can Have In Gears of War 4

The campaign mode alone fills your day with a load of stuff to do and complete and really i never find myself searching for new ideas and ways to make the game fun again.

I don’t know anyone that has wanted to vamp up their fun in the game because there is a lot to do and also, the game is constanty second guessing you.

There is a few videos online with ideas and things you can do that are funny, especially with friends in the multiplayer so be sure to check them out.


Games Like Gears of War 4

One of the few games that can compare is ‘Wolfenstein‘ click the link for it to take you to this game and see what it’s all about if you haven’t already heard of it. I love it and really think you will like it if you enjoy games of war 4.

The visuals, the shooter and the story all do remind me of this game and is definitely a game that is worth checking out.

Cheapest Place To Buy Gears Of War 4:

I do wish gears of war was available on other consoles besides Xbox, but it’s not and for now we just have to live with that.

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