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Buy Watch Dogs 2 At Best Price Online

In watchdogs 2 you play as ‘Marcus’ a notorious hacker who teams up with more people like himself to take down an invasive operating system used by criminals to control the public on a giant scale.

It’s a fun game, with a great story and likeable characters. The map is alive with people and life, which is something I really like. The open world element is great, I often find myself wandering around taking in all of the great sites and core details.

You can also play with friends which is great as the story can completed in a few days of solid gaming so its nice to be still able to use and play the game with some buddies.

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Overview of Watch Dogs 2

Who isn’t even a little bit fascinated about hackers and what they do? I know i am and when you get to play Marcus on a huge hacking scale, it really does give you a glimpse in to another life.

Fighting against the bad people of the world and working through missions and the story of this game, you must take out a huge and scary operating system undetected and with the help of various amazing gadgets, such as RC cars and a quadcopter drone.

There’s loads of action, parkour elements, missions, hacking, multiplayer options and fun things to do in watch dogs 2 and i personally feel like it’s a lot better than the first watch dogs, the graphics are a lot better, the characters are more relatable and i just prefer the overall story.

Tips For Playing Watch Dogs 2

Being a hacker isn’t easy and in order to level up and become better in the game you are going to need to put some time in so it’s always nice to have a video or blog post that can help you in this way and that’s why I have left this video. Inside it explains how to level up and get more money quicker, something that you will soon realize is super fun to have.

If you need any more tips make sure to just check them out on Youtube or find blogs with tips and tricks, it’s something i always like to do and usually really helps when you first enter the game.

Fun You Can Have In Watch Dogs 2

Aside from the engaging story where you must take down a group of criminal masterminds with your crazy hacking skills, you can also roam around the open world map and take in the sights and do some crazy things.

I enjoy roaming around because although you’re free to do whatever you want, you still have business to attend to and some people really like that as roaming around can get a little boring at times.

I have left a brilliant video next to this text full of some of the funniest moments in watch dogs 2, make sure to check it out if you feel like having a laugh.

Games Like Watch Dogs 2

There’s a few games like watch dogs 2. None of them have the hacking elements but a lot of them do have the open world, multiplayer, crazy mission features which you will like if you like that sort of gaming.

I don’t have a dedicated list to watch dogs 2 unfortunately, but i do have a list to an article full of Games Like GTA VI am not saying the story is similar, it is purely the whole open world, fun, mission based element tha reminded me of this game and ones similar to it.

Cheapest Place To Buy Watch Dogs 2:

This game can be pretty pricey and I do recommend everyone reading this to do your research before paying full price because a game is always better if you get it cheaper.

I found watch dogs 2 with a discount attached on a really safe online store and I have left it below for you to check out and enjoy the discounted price!