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Best Price For Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein:The new order is an intense, thrilling, FPS game. Set in an alternate 1960’s universe, you fight, follow orders and essentialy kill Nazis.

The narrative of wolfenstein is fantastic and really immersive, it’s one of the few games that I can actually say the story gripped me and I wasn’t constantly looking for the skip button.

If you enjoyed the orginal wolfenstein game then you’re going to love this, killing nazis al day long, better graphics, upgraded weapons, an incredile first person experience and a whole lot more detail for you to dive in to.


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Overview of Wolfenstein

What the world would have possibly been if the Nazis had won world war II. Killing innocent people and general evil leaders are an everyday occurence in this twisted 1960’s universe and you must take the evil out.

TNO is a fast-paced game where every second counts, there’s no creeping around, you must just get the job done as quick and smooth as possible.

The world is pretty crazy with robots and other killing machines but it makes wolfenstein unique, its a twist on what the world could of been and you must play the game for what it is not for historial accuracy.

Each villain is so interesting and all have a character, some people you warm to and some people you loathe but it really brings the story and the game to life. One thing i absolutely loved was a feature where sometimes you shoot a nazi, flee the scene and the next time you see them they have a severe disfigurement and they aren’t dead! It’s really awesome.

Wolfenstein is one of the best FPS games I have played, it has everything you expect along with an incredible structure and story.

How To Dominate At Wolfenstein

There’s loads of ways to become a super skilled nazi killer and this video outlines a lot of ways for you to excel at the game and how to just play in general.

With loads of pointers, tips and advice i do recommend you watching this video before you play TNO as it just gives you and overall edge and it’s really fun to get yourself excited before the game finishes downloading!

What To Know Before You Buy Wolfenstein

The story doesn’t take days and days to finish, in face if you’re a really good player and are skillfull it may only take you around 15 hours. That’s not saying it’s a bad game at all it just means the story isn’t going to take you months to complete.

TNO is a really intense FPS and there’s no stopping for breath, crafting or building bases it’s purely action and story, which if you’re in to extremely fast paced, shooter games then you will seriously love wolfenstein.

Make sure you check out the video to get some more tips and tricks before you play.


Games Like Wolfenstein

I haven’t yet made a list dedicated to wolfenstein TNO but writing this article and reminding myself how much I loved it, I may have to create one.

I do however have a list of the Best FPS Games  that you should check out if wolfenstein doesn’t sound like your cup of tea and you want another FPS game that isn’t this one. There’s loads of choice on the list and there should be something on there that you like.

Cheapest Place To Buy Wolfenstein:

For how good this game is it isn’t really that expensive, I also imagine people would pay a lot more money for it if they raised the price.

However, it’s always good to get a good discount and I found Wolfenstein:TNO with a great price tag and I have linked it below for you to check it out. Just click the price finder below and it will directly to the game at the best price online.