Dwarf Fortress, one of the old-school games that still holds up in this modern gaming world.

Once you get past the difficult controls and game mechanics you open up a world of beauty that few people have really got to experiance.

However, we all like an update and that’s what this list is.

It’s filled with games that got inspiration from Dwarf Fortress and decided to create a modern version of it.

Some of the games are clones, some are completely different with similar key features and some walk the line between both of them.

Before we start I’d like to mention that I price checked all the games on this list on the 23rd June 2024 and found the cheapest price online by browsing 50 + websites.


RimWorld is the first place to start once you’ve had enough of Dwarf Fortress.

Why is it the perfect game?

☑ Main Inspiration for the game was Dwarf Fortress (even mentioned in Steam Bio for the game).

☑ It’s like a cleaner, easier to use version of Dwarf Fortress and dare I say it’s better in almost every way.

☑ The best colony creation and base building mechanics I’ve experienced.

☑ Over 20,000 reviews with a 10/10 score on Steam.

That’s just the start, this game will take your time like no other. The first time I played it I 4 hours flew by in what felt like 10 minutes.

If you enjoy strategy, base building, and colony survival this is the ultimate game at this current moment.

Find games like RimWorld here.


Factorio is another game that a Drawf Fortress gamer will love.

Just click the trailer and understand one thing, what this game lacks in graphics it makes up for in playability.

You don’t have to look far to see people who are hooked and addicted to Factorio, I mean these are just some Steam reviews:

factorio steam reviewsteam review

If you enjoy resource management, getting iron (seriously) and building complex factories, there’s no other game better than Factorio and you can see more games like it here.

Prison Architect

Prison Architect isn’t exactly the same as Dwarf Fortress, but it has multiple similarities which makes it perfect for people who want a new experience with similar game mechanics.

Prison Architect is what it the title says. It’s your job to create a prison from scratch. You can decide whether it’s male or female, low, medium or high security, small or large and all these decisions change the game and how much cash you make.

You have the complete creative freedom to build and hire/manage people. It’s one of the games where there’s no such thing as a 10-minute session, it’s 7 hours or nothing, that’s my experience at least.

I created another list with games like Prison Architect.


KeeperRL is more of a niche game that people overlook because it’s not graphically advanced, but as a Dwarf player, you’ll not have that view.

In short, it’s a dungeon simulator game with role-playing and base creation at the core of its gameplay.

KeeperRL is Dwarf Fortress with a friendlier user interface and cleaner graphics style. It’s highly addictive and a game that will get under the skin of Dwarf Fortress gamers.


Gnomoria is a game that has huge influence from Dwarf Fortress, you old have to look at the trailer or play it for a few moments to see.

Inside the game it’s your job to lead a group of gnomes to victory by creating the ultimate gnome kingdom, using awesome base-building inside this amazing 2d sandbox world.

Very similar graphics styles and UI, you’ll be able to get right into Gnomoria without a problem if you’re coming from Dwarf Fortress.

Dungeon Keeper

We’re taking a time machine back with this next game.

I mean damn I never thought I’d have a game from almost as old as me on a list, but here it is Dungeon Keeper and you know what?

This game isn’t half bad. Okay if you want high-end graphics then nope, just nope, but if you’re looking for experience and a game that is truly similar to Dwarf Fortress then look no further.

First Feudal

This game needs more hype, I mean I’m shocked that it only has 70 reviews.

It’s a dope game and it’s like in the middle lands between Dwarf Fortress and RimWorld and that middle ground is perfect.

If you enjoy base creation, colony survival and leading your men into battle, this game will be up your alley.

The people who play this game are die-hard fans, most with over 200 hours, to me it’s so reminiscent of Dwarf Fortress and I recommend you take a look to see if you feel the same as me.


Civitatem is a game I pondered about adding for the longest time. Currently, it’s a good game, but in order for it to be remembered, it needs to keep updating.

I just find that whenever I play and early Access game that has potential the developer dumps it and moves on the next day and that’s what I’m seeing here, but and there is a but, if this game keeps progressing it will move up this list, but for now it’s a peaceful city builder.

I come on it to unwind and I’ve not got long enough to really give a good opinion, it feels similar and has potential, but is missing something.

If I had to describe it, it’s like Banished and Dwarf mixed together in their early days, they both have issues, but with a bit of TLC everything will be fixed.


You’ve been exiled by your village and been left with a few settlers to rebuild a new village in the harsh world.

Resource management, food management and health management all come together as one in Banished.

This is a harsh survival strategy game inside a world that wants to kill you and destroy your town.

This game takes a lot of skill and that’s what I really love about it, it’s something different and takes time and learning to perfect which keeps me coming back for more.

If you like Banished then check out this list of games like it.


Hate it all you want, ignore it if you must, but Minecraft has what it takes to be a similar experience to dwarf fortress, especially if you add the right mods and have a play with the games settings.

You may need to use your imagination, but once you get past the weird hate for Minecraft at it’s core it’s still one of the best base creation and exploration games ever made.

You can have your view, but I think Minecraft deserved a place on this list.

If you enjoy Minecraft you can check out these games similar to it.

Which Game Will Dwarf Fortress Players Love The Most? 

It goes in this order.

First, get yourself RimWorld, it’s inspired by Dwarf Fortress and shares a lot of similarities, the game is endless and have houndreds of hours of content.

Then you should try out Factorio, it’s second on the list for a reason, it’s pure addiction at its finest.

If you straight up want a game like Dwarf Fortress with better UI then grab KeeperRL it’s exactly that and will keep you satisfied for at least 40 hours.

I’ve been trying to make this article for at least a year now and finally, I had tried enough games that I could make a list that I know would help Dwarf Fortress fans if I missed any of the games you recommend please let me know in the comments. I hope you have a sick day and if you have any feedback please let me know.