Welcome, it’s time for you to move on from Assasins Creed and find the next AMAZING game that will take it’s place, maybe even be better.

This list is PACKED with the BEST games that are similar to Assasins Creed, some are better, some on the same level, but it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone.

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The Witcher 3

Want a game that allows you to explore a gorgeous open world map while trying to defeat the darkness of the world?

The Witcher will be just the game for you, in this awesome witch hunting game you’re opened up to a fantastic story, unreal graphics and some of the best gameplay I’ve seen in a long time.

This game really has it all and is the first game I’d get after completing the Assassin’s Creed series.

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Dark Souls

Want something deep and dark? You can try Dark Souls (more games like Dark Souls).

This game is a dark fantasy, with a thrilling story, next level gameplay and a difficulty that will test even the best gamers patients.

This game is unforgiving and takes me back to PS2 games that used to have you hitting the controller on the floor screaming due to the frustration.

Don’t let that put you off though, as this game is addictive, rewarding and AWESOME for the most part.

Dishonored 2

Dishonored and Assassin’s Creed are very similar, in both games you play Assassin’s, in an awesome world where stealth if your friend.

However what sets Dishonored apart? The fact that you play a supernatural assassin, that can parkor, kill like crazy and use magic…

…I mean it’s everything assassin creed wasn’t.

You’ll also get sucked into the deep, dark revenge story and enjoy some awesomely dark gameplay.

The Surge

You work for a corporation that’s tasked with saving the world… On your first day you get knocked out and wake up in an exo-suit, in a destroyed sector, this is when ish gets real.

This game really does take what makes gaming great and put it into one bow… How? Well it contains RPG, Action, Sci-Fi and violence, I mean what more could you want?


It’s safe to say if you enjoyed Assassin’s Creed then you’ll love Skyrim, the games have many similarities, from open-world, horse driving and even the fighting and gameplay mechanics.

Skyrim offers an experience that you can get lost in for hours and is a game that I think every adventure gamer should play at least once.

Skyrim is definitely BIG enough to fill the void of AC and for that reason should be on your list of next games to play.

If you dig Skyrim then you’ll go nuts for these 17 head-explodingly amazing games similar to Skyrim.

Dying Light

You may be thinking “Why the hell would a zombie game be on this list?”.

These games may surprise you with their similarities.

From dying lights (more games like dying light) game mechanics and parkour systems that are extremely similar to the open-world story that gives you control and even the combat, it’s all on the same lines.

So if you enjoy shooting zombies, leveling up your character and becoming immersed with an incredible story then you need to try this game out.

If you like ZOMBIE games then check out this list I did on the GREATEST zombie games ever.

Dragon Age

Dragon age shares a lot with Skyrim and Assassins Creed, there’s loads of exploring to be done, with a deep story that will keep you playing for hours.

I mean you even have dragons trying to snap your ish up, who doesn’t like some of that action?

Check out these games like dragons age.


Nioh is an action RPG game developed on PS4.

This game has been received exceptionally well and that’s due to some amazing game mechanics and combat features, awesome graphics, and a really good story.

It’s a shame that Nioh is only out on PS4 as I can tell many PC games would love to have a Blast at this EPIC RPG game.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Want to explore on of the best created open worlds I’ve seen (since GTA) while fighting robo dinosaurs?

“Hell-yea!” Is the correct response and Horizon Zero Dawn gives you just that and loads more.

This action/Adventure RPG game mixes Parkour, next-gen graphics, deep story and combat flawlessly.

In my opinion, it’s awesome to see a game like this come around, it’s completely different to anything out there and you can tell that the developers wanted to create something next level.

Just pray this game gets ported to PC so everyone can enjoy it!

You can get Horizon Zero Dawn half price here on PS4.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Dragon’s Dogma is an open-world action combat game with deep customization of character, awesome RPG elements and an exciting world to explore.

Again this game follows some of the cores of Assassins Creed with a few spins and a more realistic feel.


Lets face it, you like being a hitman? You like the rush of stalking your kill and taking the time to plan things out?

The next question is “are you ready to change your sword, for a gun?”, if yes then it’s time to get sucked into the Hitman franchise, were stalking, targeting and planning each kill is what the whole games about.

If you enjoy the rush and want a game that’ll test you and your gaming skills then give Hitman a go.

Shadow of Mordor

Is a true video game that loads of people love and adore.

From the amazing story to the addicting gameplay and even the way this game balances stealth with action you’re sure to fall in love.

You have to assassinate, do parkour and so much more.

Shadow of Mordor is a true gem and a game that competes with Skyrim on a toe to toe scale (if that’s even a thing).

Rise of the Tomb Raider

We all remember playing tomb raider in the old days am I right?

I remember loading up my dads PC just to play this game and get stuck for hours at a time.

Now tomb raider has transformed into a high quality, story-rich, action/adventure game that stands on its own feet with ease.

I mean we all want our next fix of Lara Croft and there’s no better time to do it than after you finish Assassins Creed!

Prince of Persia

Let’s take it back, back real far and remember the little gem that is Prince of Persia.

This game has it all, from sword fights to parkour, puzzle solving, to time-travel and so much more.

For a game made in 2003 it’s still kicking and I think that me along with many others want a reboot of this game, however, if you can sacrifice glowing graphics Prince of Persia can be a great game to through back to, especially if you have a PC at hand.

Okay, that was an awesome article to write and I’ve got more, if you like open world games then check out this video, it has some amazing games like Assassins Creed and just open world craziness.

I hope you enjoyed this, It was a pleasure to make and if you have any games you’ll like me to do next just leave a comment below. On another note I hope you have a lovely day and look forward to seeing you on the next.