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Best Price To Buy Mad Max

In Mad max you are the only survivor in this crazy post-apocalyptic world and the key to survival is to build and craft cars.

This is a giant open-world game, full of action, dangerous missions and an intense fight for survival potrayed by you, the main character.

The graphics are great in this game, everything you could really want from a game based in this world and with apocalypse and survival looming over you, you really need to be on top form. The story is also great, with its intense fights and gripping storylines, you never really find yourself lost for things to do inside mad max.

Building the ultimate battle car is also great fun and a really satisfying build.

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Overview of Mad Max

The combat element in this game is so cool, it has really captured that mad max essence that we get from the film and turned it in to a seriously enjoyable aspect.

Car customization is something i obviously have to rave about. It’s satisfying to find objects, collect junk and ultimately make a machine that anyone would be jealous of.

I do feel like this game does have some mix with ‘just cause’, which if you enjoy that game you will probably find enjoyment in mad max.

Something I also want to comment on is that you don’t need to know the movie before playing this game, usually games based from a film require you to at least have some basic understanding but mad max doesn’t at all.



Things To Know Before You Buy Mad Max

Some mad max gamers have said the game can get a little repetitive if you play it constantly, however these comments are coming from people with hundreds of hours of play so i don’t think it’s too much to worry about, especially if you like to flick between games every few days or weeks.

During the game you do need to loot and go looking for scrap to use so if you aren’t really in to grinding and looking for stuff, this game probably isn’t right for you.


Fun You Can Have In Mad Max

There’s so much fun to be had inside mad max, either following the story or just going off and exploring the land by yourself.

If you’re looking for something a little more to do with the game, check out the youtube video I have left next to this text that gives you some great pointers. This isn’t the only good video out there, there’s loads i highly recommend you go and watch them, especially before buying the game. You’ll know straightaway if it’s for you when you start seeing real life gameplay.

Games Like Mad Max

There’s a few games that i found i had similar elements to the ones in mad max. None have the epic car building but some do have the same kind of thrill from the story, the open world and the crazy battles.

I am going to leave the list here for you to check out: The Best Open World Games hopefully if you enjoy open world gaming and mad max you will find a game that you will enjoy on this list.

Cheapest Place To Buy Mad Max:

I always always always find good deals on my favorite games and mad max is no exception. I have found it for an incredible price and have left the link to it below. This link will take you directly to the game and if there’s a discount , it usually will already be applied.


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