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Buy Resident Evil 7 At Best Price Online

Resident evil 7 is the latest version of this creepy horror filled series. Now portrayed in a first person view, its better and scarier than ever.

Full of tense atmosphere, exploration and a crazy story line resident evil 7 takes off were number 6 left us and if that isn’t enough to terrify you i don’t know what is.

The overall ambience is really creepy and i find myself walking so slowly around the map just in case something terryfing happens around me but aside from that this game has a really interesting story that you must work your way through and if you’re a fan of horror games this one really is one of the best.

You must survive in this spine tingling modern day America full of creepy stuff that lingers in every corner, there’s no jump scares at all really which makes it even worse because you are constantly on edge throughtout the entire game.

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Overview of Resident Evil 7

Really to put it in small terms, the aim of the game is to escape in order to survive. It sounds easy enough but the game really does keep you on the edge of your seat and does require some skill to get through the tasks and the story line.

The game is really gruesome and in your face with blood and guts, which will please some people. The old style of finding keys, solving puzzles and following routes is present in resident evil 7 which is something a lot of fans are pleased about.

You never feel like you’re alone in this game, it’s like someone is always watching you trying to escape and trying to survive. It really does keep the atmosphere going the whole way through and this is key to keeping the game truly horrifying.


The Scary Side To Resident Evil 7

If you’re not in to horror then RE7 isn’t for you, it really isn’t. The horror aspect is present the whole way through the game and there isn’t a second where you feel a least a little bit relaxed.

Characters have wonderful progression but they do make you feel tense as does the ambience and the eary setting. There’s also gore, violence, super scary characters and crazy twists that leave you gasping for air.

I have left this video for you to see some of the scary scenes inside resident evil 7, if you can handle them you can brave the game but trust me they are a lot worse when you’re alone. I don’t want to put you off because the game is awesome and has one of the best stories and horror feel to it ever, i am just warning the more easily scared gamers.

Games Like Resident Evil 7

Not much can compared to RE7 aside from other horror games so i am going to leave you my list of the 11 Scariest Horror Games for you to check out.

I will warn you that list is packed full of my favorite horror games and aren’t for the faint hearted and should be played with all of the lights on and preferably another living human present.

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