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Cheapest Place To Buy The Crew

The crew is a massively online multiplayer game set in a giant open world that you are free to explore and roam.

Playing online is so much fun, you can drive from city to city meeting new people, becoming a ‘crew’ with other players or simply riding solo and causing chaos.You can even join the police squad and track down street racing cars all over the map. There’s also a single player mode which i am happy about so you can enjoy the wonderful map and driving experience solo.

Each location on the map comes with its own challenges, surprises and potential other players that you may run in to.

The crew is really great fun and takes the driving element from games like GTA and focuses soley on them, enhancing every possibility.

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Overview of The Crew

The more you level up the more you are able to find tune your car and become a total badass. Street racing, out running police, becoming police, completing challenges and more is what the crew is all about and it is fantastic.

There’s so much to explore in this game and every corner and crevice you find yourself in could unlock something new and even show you new experiences.

Aside from racing with other players, friends and the police there’s also over 220 missions for you to complete and to find around the map, which is awesome.

Something i really like is the customizable driving elements, you can really play with your controls and adapat to how you like it for the ultimate driving experience. Also, the scenery is really alive and isn’t just dead like some other driving games in the crew you have pedestrians, commercial planes and constant movement around you.


Things To Do In The Crew

Race other random players, race against friends, even race against people in your crew. Outrun police, explore the vast open world cities and even become a member of the police squad and track down drag racers and put an end to their adventures.

Aside from all of that you can also complete over 220 missions that you will find around the map, play single player and you can also upgrade your car every single time you level up inside the game.

There’s also the possibility of doing some insane stunts, just check out this video to see some of the best stunts ever achieved in the crew and see for yourself how fun and thrilling it is to be a part of it all.

Tips For Winning It In The Crew

The video next to this text has some amazing tips on how to be an amazing player in the multiplayer mode of the crew. Tips on how accelerate, steer, what to avoid and how to lose other players.

It’s well worth the watch if you are thinking about buying the crew or even just waiting for it to download. There’s tons more videos and blog posts out there explaining a ton of tips on how to be the best driver in the game so be sure to do some research and check them out.

Games Like The Crew

The crew and the whole driving and roaming around an open world, engaging in races and the multiplayer all reminded me of GTA. Of course not the game as itself but the driving modes really do take me to grand theft auto and so I wanted to share with you my list of 18 Games Like GTA V

The games on that list all do remind me in their own unique way of GTA, including the crew.

Cheapest Place To Buy The Crew:

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