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Cheapest Place To Buy Mafia 3

I loved the first two mafia games and when this one was released it did have some issues. However, as far as i am aware they have resolved this bugs and the game is back to being an awesome open world, crime filled, violent thrilling game.

Set in 1968 and full of classic cars, unique building designs and cool graphics you play a guy with a criminal past who is gunning for revenege after his whole family was wiped out.

You play crazy missions, you get involved in combat, violent fights and you are even free to explore the map in your shiny classic car.

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Overview of Mafia 3

You play Lincoln who is an orphan and recently returning from the Vietnam war. He finds out his whole surrogate family have been taken out by the Italian mafia and he is naturally looking for some serious revenge.

You play the game however you want to, whether that’s brute force and using guns to wipe out enemies or being a little more tactful in how you win the missions, the choice is yours.

Build your own criminal empire and hopefully become one of the most feared criminals there is in the dark and dingy underworld. Betray, kill, recruit and fight for who and what is right in this intense game.

Things To Know Before You Get Mafia 3

Some people have been saying that the missions inside mafia III can get a little repeptitive and all you find yourseld doing is the same things. However, others have said this element is great as its all worth it for the story progression and you must do what you need to do to get revenge and ultimately be the best criminal there is.

There’s also tons of tips online that you can read about and even watch videos about and i really do recommend checking them out as you can get a feel for the game, how it plays, the graphics and the story mode before you decide to buy.

Fun You Can Have In Mafia 3

White knuckle driving, hand to hand combat, crazy missions and epic classic cars aren’t enough for some people and I recommend checking out even more things you can do inside this violent gang fuelled world by watching some videos online.

There’s loads to do but if you want something to really push you in to buying the game make sure to see all of the other great things you can do.

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Cheapest Place To Buy Mafia 3:

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