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Cheapest Place To Buy Five Nights At Freddy’s

A fun point and click survival horror game that may be one of the simpler games but it sure isn’t any less scary with its jumpscares, tension build up, atmosphere and creepy aniamatronic teddys trying to kill you.

You’re hired for the summer to work as a security guard in a pizza restaurant type place. However, you’re completely alone at night, well aside from the creepy bears supposedly walking around and you only have a limited amount of light and electricity to last you the whole night.

It’s a fun horror game that tests your ability to survive and keep yourself safe from these creepy creatures that make their way closer and closer to you.


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Overview of Five Nights At Freddy’s

Watch the security cameras during the night to make sure there’s no suspicious activity inside the walls of your work establishment, as the nights go on, the scary bears get nearer and you must use your skill to outwit them and see them on the camera before they get to you.

You must last from midnight to 6am without being attacked by one of the 5 terryfing bears. You cannot leave the guard room and must keep checking all of the security cameras to check on these bears, but remember light runs out and there are places inside the building that don’t have cameras, so you must keep checking on the hallway behind you.

It gets seriously scary pretty fast and is a great game to play alone or with friends, so long as you can keep your nerve, some people have even said that this game is great laxative.

Tips And Tricks For Five Nights At Freddy’s

Don’t let your electricity run out! This is of course easier said than done as it gets scarier and time seems to go a lot slower.

Also, try and memorize and keep your eye on every bear. The will move as soon as you aren’t paying attention and it pays to remember where you last saw them and how long you have until one is screaming in your face.

There are tons of tips out there online so make sure to read up and be prepared before diving in to this game head first, you’re going to need all of the help you can get.

Fun You Can Have In Five Nights At Freddy’s

Playing with friends is a lot more fun as you do encourage each other and scream like children whenever you get caught by the bears. Although, saying that playing alone is also really good fun, you leave your computer totally on edge but the whole experience is a little different to most horror games and i really recommend it if you’re up for something different.

However, as i mentioned before, there are plenty of videos out there showing you other people playing five nights at freddy’s, their reactions and the fun they have in the game so make sure to check them out if you are dubious about playing solo or just want to see what all of the horror fuss is about.

Games Like Five Nights At Freddy’s

Horror games are a huge love for so many gamers (not so much myself!) and I do understand why. They give you a new twist on gaming and they also keep you a lot more on edge than normal games do.

I made a list on the top 11 best horror games and i think i included the best out there. Five night at freddy’s is listed, along with some more than will scare the pants off of you so you have been warned!

Cheapest Place To Buy Five Nights At Freddy’s:

Luckily, Five nights at Freddy’s is an indie game so it is pretty cheap and quite often available with a deal attached. I have left below the link to the place that I bought my copy, i got a great deal and its always good to see someone saving money.