We all love to pay nothing for an epic game but sometimes free games can be a little disappointing, to say the least.

Luckily, I have done extensive research and found the best free games out there and left their names, trailers and a little info on them for you to check out.

If you have any favourite free games make sure to leave the name in the comments below so that everyone can check them out too.

Team Fortress

Team Fortress is one of the most popular free games out there, it has loads of different game modes for you to get straight into. There’s also a huge selection of weapons, hats and things to buy and trade.

It has a giant online multiplayer community that is still super busy so you’re never going to be lonely in the large team fortress world.


Paladins is a fantasy world, one that Overwatch gamers recommend if you can’t get yourself a copy of the game.

It’s a team-based shooter with strategy elements. You can also customize your character so much and from there you increase their abilities and skills.

If you are familiar with overwatch you will see how similar this free game is. It’s a great way to see if you like this sort of fantasy/ancient technology gameplay before you buy overwatch. However, some players even say it’s better than overwatch so it’s worth checking out for yourself.

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Warface: Ice Breaker

Warface is a fierce, co-op multiplayer game where the player must work in a team or play in some pretty fast-paced game modes.

In the co-op mode, you can master the skills of a selection of different ranks (medic, sniper…). There’s a new challenge added every day so it never gets boring each new day.

War Thunder

This free to play game is dedicated to army vehicles found in world war II. Fight in major battles on land, on sea or even in the air in this awesome multiplayer simulation game.

It’s intense, fast-paced but a really great free to play that I urge you to check out if you like battles against players from all over the world in an array of army vehicles (complete with weapons).

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Fallout Shelter

In this free to play game, you are in charge of an underground vault. You must build, keep your people happy and protect them from the dangers of the outside world.

Explore the wasteland, keep your people happy by finding them their dream job, customize a load of different things and build a vault that appeals to you.

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Set in a stunning sci-fi world you be blown away by the immersive graphics of this free game. Join the war and fight for your life. There’s a lot of grinds to be had in this game, but it’s worth it when you find items, collectibles and secrets.

Dirty Bomb®

An extremely fast-paced team-based FPS that will leave you questioning your existence. There’s been an attack of ‘dirty bombs’ across London and of course a lot of theft, except its not petty theft, these criminals are stealing important technology from the capital.

You must find them and take them down, work as a team and never hesitate to shoot. There’s three game modes for you to explore and conquer.

Dota 2

If you’re competitive, you’re going to love dota 2. Play as a character from a giant selection of ‘heroes’ and play 5 vs 5 in a huge multiplayer community.

Use your skills and abilities to take other players down in order to control and dominate an amazing fantasy landscape where you can then wage a lot of different campaigns.

It sounds simple enough but it’s a tricky game and that makes it ever more satisfying when you win.


Unturned has the same graphics style as minecraft, it’s a sandbox game that finds its place in the survival genre of gaming.

Build a base, scavenge, loot, hunt and craft and most importantly of all, try and avoid being killed by a zombie. Building a base in this game is so much fun, you can make traps, barricades and more.

There are also different servers you can go in, servers that allow PvP or PvE.

Path of Exile

Path of exile is a dark fantasy RPG that finds your character as an exile, struggling to survive. As your character fights, you gain more and more power as you can finally start destroying those who did you wrong.

There’s loads of deadly missions, character customization, competitive play, customise your hideout and more.

Heroes & Generals

Play in a ginormous online war set in WW2 against players around the globe. You can play as an array of different army ranks, so you are able to experience the war from different perspectives every time you play. There’s also loads of weapons, vehicles and team-based play for you to dive into.

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This is a multiplayer, online, battle arena game. Play from the perspective of 80 different war Gods and take down your opponents with unique mythological combat inside the dangerous arena. There are even league tables in Smite and you may even find yourself battling in front of an arena of real-life players.

PlanetSide 2

Battle with your empire in this packed massively multiplayer FPS. Players come from around the world to fight in huge battles where you can play on land, sea or air. This is a giant planetary war and every player counts.

Customise your soldier, your squad, enjoy the huge and detailed maps. If you enjoy battlefield you will love Planetside 2.

World of Tanks

This free game allows you to play 7 vs 7, customize your tank and even compete in battle missions. There are 18 battle arenas to choose from, 200 vehicles for you to pick from and it even gives you the ability to invite your friends to the game so that you can fight PvP whenever you want.

League of Legends

League of legends is another battle arena game just like in Smite. You play as a ‘summoner’ who controls a ‘champion’. Destroy the opponent’s nexus and win the round.

It’s a highly addictive fantasy game that’s totally free and you’re going to love it.

Clicker Heroes

Clicker heroes may not be the most immersive game but it is so addicting. All you essentially do is ‘click’, kill the monster, get their gold and work your way up the clicking ranks to get more gold.

Hire other characters to help you click so that you don’t have to, defeat powerful monsters and always be on the lookout for big ‘bosses’.

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Blacklight: Retribution

If you like the idea of futuristic technology and weapons, blacklight is for you. A free to play FPS game that is filled to the brim with combat, customization, epic guns, armour and more.