While all the attention was on No Man’s Sky. A game did actually come along that had a very similar concept, but in my opinion, did it much better. That game is Space Engineers.

I am a huge fan of sci-fi and pretty much anything to do with outer space. So a sandbox style game that lets me explore outer space and have to build outposts, space stations and fly ships is cool in my book.

Space Engineers has so much going for it that no two sessions are the same. Sometimes I feel like going out and gathering resources and building all kinds of cool stuff. Other times I feel a little more destructive and like to blow stuff up!

Space Engineers gives you the freedom to play the game the way you want and that is why I love it.

Speaking of loving it, today I am sharing with you some other games like Space Engineers. These are games that I think are well worth checking out if like me, you had a lot of fun with Space Engineers.

No Man’s Sky

Ok so I may have thrown a little bit of mud at No Man’s Sky during the intro, but let’s be honest when No Man’s Sky was first released on the PlayStation 4.

It was not the game that we were all expecting. In all honesty, I was expecting an experience like Space Engineers game me.

Still, this is a game that has had a ton of work done on it over the last year or so. So much work that the game that you can play now is very different to the game that was originally launched.

What I like about No Man’s Sky is the exploration aspect of it. There are a ton of planets for you to explore and when you come across some local life it really is quite exciting.

While I do not think there is enough in No Man’s Sky to keep you playing for years on end. It is still an interesting game to play and there is some fun to be had when you come across something weird or unexpected on a planet.


Astroneer is a very interesting game and one that I feel fans of Space Engineers are really going to enjoy.

The idea of the game is that everyone wants to get rich and the way to do this is to explore outer space, find new planets and score all the valuable resources that you can find.

I know that at first this sounds like a very basic game and it is actually very easy to pick up and play. However, there is a ton of depth to Astroneer and I think that is what hooks people.

For example, you can change the shape and terrain of the planets that you land on. What you can do is pretty remarkable and tinkering with a planet is going to help you get more resources.

Resources which you can sell or you can use to build cool new vehicles and other stuff. Astroneer is a very well made game and one that is bound to take over your life if you get into it.

Kerbal Space Program

Let me start by saying the presentation of Kerbal Space Program is freaking adorable!

The game centers around a race of space hopping aliens called the Kerbal’s and you need to help them out.

I have a feeling that any list that is talking about games like space engineers is going to have Kerbal Space Program on it.

You have a ton of components at your disposal to build your spaceship that you will use to explore the stars and distant planets, but this is only a small part of the fun!

Kerbal Space Program actually offers you three ways to play. The career mode gives you control of every single aspect of the Kerbal Space Program.

This is incredibly in depth and great if you are a fan of sim games. Science mode lets you do these interesting science technologies that will help you technologically advance the Kerbal race.

Then we have sandbox mode which is where you just screw around and do what you want. This mode is fun, but it really helps you learn the mechanics of the game.

Planet Nomads

I think that as well as Space Engineers, Planet Nomads has a bit of Minecraft about it too. The reason that I say this is because you play as a lone space explorer who is stuck on a strange planet.

Though the use of many different blocks, you need to build yourself a place to stay and materials that are going to help you survive.

There is actually a lot of choice here and you are only really limited by your imagination.
While the building aspect is what they like to talk about.

For me, Planet Nomads was more about the exploration. Once I built my base, I would venture out into the world going a little further each time trying to get as many resources as I could.

The problem with this is that there are all kinds of weird alien life that wants to eat and slash you to pieces! Making your way to the North Pole of the planet is full of danger, but I had a blast trying to get there.

Empyrion – Galactic Survival

Wow, I had no idea this game existed, but a buddy of mine gifted it to me and I am glad he did. This is described as a 3D open world survival adventure and I really cannot think of a better way to describe the game.

You do the normal things that you would expect in a game like this. You explore your surroundings, find resources, build things and so on.

However, the game looks fantastic and when they say you can do what you want you really can.
The first few hours are super intense and set the tone for what is to come. It will either make you something of a timid player doing what you can to just survive.

Or it will make you want to do everything you can to be super powerful and destroy any other players, aliens or weird creatures that get in your way.

There is so much to explore and do in Empyrion – Galactic Survival that when you start playing one day you may intend on finding a certain resource and then you somehow end up discovering a new alien race!


Avorion is a very interesting game. To start with it has a very interesting sci-fi story that sees you starting your space adventure at the fringes of space.

Thanks to a cataclysmic event, space is all kinds of messed up and traveling through space is more dangerous than ever, but you want to in order to get new resources, take part in amazing space battles and trying to find the elusive metal that is known as Avorion.

Avorion is one of the most action-packed games on this list and there is a heavy emphasis on making sure that your ship is equipped with the right weapons.

There is also a multiplayer aspect to the game. In all honesty, you want to play with a buddy as it makes it easier to easier to explore the galaxy as everyone you come across wants you dead!

The space battles are pretty epic and while there is a lot of exploration and craft management, I think the action is really the stand out feature of Avorion.

Osiris: New Dawn

Osiris: New Dawn is a game that has somewhat mixed reviews, but I think it is a really fun game. The idea is that you need to survive after crash landing on a strange planet.

Now of course to do this you need to find resources and make use of them. Build things and then there is the combat. The combat in Osiris: New Dawn is excellent.

The alien creatures on this planet are awesome and some of them remind me of the bugs from Starship Troopers.

I think that this is an ideal game for you to check out if you are looking for games like Space Engineers that are more action packed.

I think that this is a pretty action-heavy game and I actually played it more like a standard shooter than I did the other games on this list. I get that this is not for everyone, but if you want a game that does not just have space exploration, but also a lot of action you need to check this out.


Ok so I know you are thinking “what in the heck does this have to do with Space Engineers” but hear me out.

What I think makes Besiege a game that you will like if you enjoy a game like Space Engineers is the building aspect.

The idea of Besiege is that you need to build a heavy duty medieval-style catapult. You then need to use this device to wage war on anyone who wants to take the resources that you have. You have a lot of choice when it comes to building your catapult or some other war machine.

Besiege is a physics-based game so while the building is fun. You have to actually think before you act as you have to make sure your aim is just right and you are actually going to hit what you want to hit. So while it is not a sci-fi space exploration game.

I do think that Besiege is a game that you will get a lot of enjoyment out of.

Medieval Engineers

Ok so I am staying with the medieval theme for this next one, but once again please hear me out. Medieval Engineers as the name suggests is a medieval themed game.

It is a sandbox game and you have a ton of “toys” at your disposal to play with. You need to design, build and maintain things like castles, weapons and other devices that will help your settlement thrive.

It is not just about thriving though as there are others that want what you have so you always have to be prepared for war.

What I think makes Medieval Engineers a game that is worth checking out. Is that it has that sandbox style gameplay, it has a lot of things for you to build and in general, it is a very deep game.

If you like to spend hours building things and then putting those things to work, Medieval Engineers is well worth taking a closer look at.


Factorio is a game that a buddy of mine swears by and when I eventually checked it out I was very impressed. The idea is that you need to build factories.

Eventually, your factories will become so advanced that they will be near enough fully automated. It is very cool and when you get everything to work just right you will have a big smile on your face.

Why stop at one factory? That is right you can make multiple ones and keeping them all running smoothly is one heck of a challenge.

It may seem a bit of a reach comparing this to Space Engineers, but if you love building things and micromanaging them.

You are going to be really in your element here. I would actually say that as well as Space Engineers if you like games similar to Theme Park, you will have a great time playing Factorio.

Garry’s Mod (Wild Card)

Ok so putting Garry’s Mod on a list of games like Space Engineers may seem like a bit of a stretch.

However, I do feel that those who enjoyed Space Engineers would have the time of their lives with Garry’s Mod. You can take advantage of the millions of different tools in the game and come up with your own games, levels, and scenarios. You can just screw around in the big sandbox. Or you can take in some of the games and other things that other Garry’s Mods players have created.

There is just so much to do in Garry’s Mod that as crazy as it sounds, it can be a bit daunting knowing what to do.

Still, that is a huge part of the fun and the only limitations imposed on you by Garry’s Mod are the ones set by your imagination! It is crazy how many different things you can do in this game!

7 Days To Die (Wild Card)

Let me start by saying that 7 Days To Die is an amazing game. It has sold millions of copies and for many people, it is the ultimate zombie survival horror game.

The building and resource management are very in depth and it is a crucial element to make sure that you are well enough equipped to keep those undead brain munchers at bay! You can build a small area to survive or you can team up with others to create a compound where you take down the undead and other players as a team.

This is one very popular game and while it may not be space themed. It does have a lot of the elements that I like about Space Engineers. It has RPG elements, first person shooter, and construction. It is a game with many layers and I can see why so many people get so addicted to it.

While I have had a blast looking at some of the best games like Space Engineers. I have certainly found a couple that stand out from the rest. Kerbal Space Program is just a fantastic game. It is so much fun to play and even though it is kind of cutesy there is a ton of depth here so do not be surprised if it takes over your life. The other game that I want to give special attention to is Osiris: New Dawn. I know that the opinion online is mixed, but I had so much fun with this game and I really enjoyed how action packed it was, plus it looks fantastic. While it is not space based, I also suggest that you check out 7 Ways To Die as it is awesome!

If you love Space Engineers then I am sure there will be a couple of games on my list that you have a lot of fun with. Never be scared to try something new, while some of these games may seem a little “out there” in their comparison to Space Engineers, I still feel that they have elements of what makes Space Engineers so great.